Best Beaches in New York, Main Beach East Hampton

Main Beach, East Hampton, New York

Main Beach is the most beautiful and gorgeous beach in East Hampton, New York. It is located in the south of East Hampton, at the tip of the Long Island Peninsula. Although there are five beaches in the Village of East Hampton, Main Beach remains the favorite of visitors with its opportunities that it supplies to the swimmers, fishers and surfers.

Main Beach, East Hampton a good place to spend a day full of sea, sand and sun. It has got wide and clean beaches in addition to its swimming, surfing and fishing areas which are especially designated for these purposes. You can’t see anyone surfing on the swimming or fishing area and vice versa. This prevents the unwanted accidents and makes the beaches safer. Another safety precaution at Main Beach is the lifeguards located alongside the coast and they watch for people all the day to prevent the possible loss of life.

There are a lot of facilities at Main Beach, East Hampton, New York such as a public restroom, showers and lockers which can be used by visitors for a reasonable fee. If you get hungry and have forget to bring something to eat, you can pay a visit to the food stand at the beach. For the visitors who want to spend a night or one more day in East Hampton, there are various accommodation options near the Main Beach.

Main Beach, East Hampton is easy to go. It is just 2 hours away from NY City by car; however, finding a parking place is a common problem for visitors coming from out of the village. You can benefit from day permits for parking on weekdays but you need a village parking permit to park your car at the weekends. East Hampton Village parking permits are limited in a certain number, 2600. Since this is not an adequate amount considering the popularity of Main Beach, you had better hurry up for getting your village parking sticker at the beginning of the summer season. Ensure that you have brought a proof of residence while applying for the permit as the local laws of East Hampton require it.

If you are planning to go to Main Beach, East Hampton, you need to know about a few things. First you mustn’t have drinks at the beach because it is prohibited. You should remember that littering is also banned and it is subject to large fines. The last important thing is that you are not allowed to set a fire at the beach except some special days such as Memorial Day or Labor Day.

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