Honolulu Vacation, Best Sandy Beaches, White Sand of Waikiki Beach, Best Beach Scenes, Honolulu Hotels

Honolulu demolishes the taboos of vacation in your mind and makes it possible for you to smile when you remember Honolulu vacation. Waikiki is the extremely touristy area of Honolulu.

Sandy BeachesThe beach is a wonderful place to relax and get a great tan. The water is a lot salty, but it is the perfect temperature and great after a long hot day. You don’t need to buy a beach mat, because you can usually find them around the beaches at night. There are many interesting things to see on the foreshore. There are a lovely waterfall and many statues. Many hotels are lined along this beach as well as hundreds of stores and other gift shops. In the evening this area is teeming with bars and clubs and of course, Street performers. Put sandy beaches, waving palms and the balmy weather of Honolulu to your pocket, and get a great mix of sun-fun and culture.

Many first-time visitors think that this city has not boundaries as it is so vast. But within a few miles you are winding up the lush green valleys, accompanied by passing showers and rainbows. Excellent hiking trails cover the area. Honolulu has several 18-hole municipal golf courses. The Hawaii Bicycling League holds rides around O’ahu nearly every weekend, ranging from 16km (10mi) jaunts to 100km (60mi) treks. Rides are free and open to the public. Waikiki is good for swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, sailing and other beach activities most of the year, and there are lifeguards and showers. Between May and September, the water is a little rough for swimming, but great for surfing. The best snorkelling is in the area toward Diamond Head at Sans Souci beach.

Best BeachesHonolulu hotels do not hide its perfect nature even when you are in the hotels. Park Shore Waikiki, a sparkling introduction to the Grand Island of Oahu, situates on the glistening white sand of Waikiki Beach. Enjoy comfortable accommodations nestled amidst breathtaking mountain ranges, classic architecture, and rings of brilliant white-sand beaches. Completely renovated in 2006, the Aqua Waikiki Wave features a white-marble lobby that highlights paintings of Duke Kahanamoku riding the Waikiki waves during his 1920s Heyday. The Big Kahuna, a Hip, Tiki-tropical setting, offers drinks, burgers and a variety of games. The Moana Surfrider holds an honoured place in history as the first resort built on Waikiki. The resort continues a tradition of afternoon teas and sunset dinners on the Banyan veranda shaded by a Banyan tree’s canopy and set within a breezy courtyard overlooking the beach.

In summary, it is a dream come true to stroll along this world famous Honolulu. A beach scene, another day, another view. No matter how many times you come to here, there is always something new to see and do.

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