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Camelot Theme Park is one of the most enchanting theme parks you will ever visit.

Tucked away in rural Chorley, Lancashire, between Preston and Wigan, Camelot is the home of knights and wizards, jesters and jugglers.

The Avalon arena also hosts spectacular birds of prey displays. Several children get to volunteer in this show. At the Castle, you are encouraged to participate in Merlin’s illusions.

The curious visitor can even learn Merlin’s secrets in his School of Wizardry. Additionally, with its thrill rides, Camelot Theme Park attracts adrenaline junkies of all ages.

The Knightmare roller coaster, pulling up to 5Gs, will make your heart race with its steep drops, high speeds and tight turns.

You can also go for an adventurous water ride in the Log Flume, or test your stomach on the ferocious Excalibur. The smallest esquires and damsels can ride junior coasters and go karts, or have fun indoors on several slides and in ball pools.

Before, after, and in between the excitement, you can grab a bite and have a drink from one of several restaurants. For more information, visit the website of Camelot Theme Park.

Camelot Theme Park was a resort and theme park located in the English county of Lancashire (the last operating season was in 2012, the park will not open for 2013).

Camelot Theme Park

Camelot Theme Park

The park´s theme was based on the famous legend of Camelot. It was located on a 140-acre site near the village of Charnock Richard, 3 miles west of Chorley.

Camelot Theme Park

Camelot Theme Park

The site is owned by The Story Group, and was operated by Knights Leisure. The park featured many rides, taking a target audience of families and younger children, however the park also boasted numerous thrill rides and roller coasters, including Whirlwind, Knightmare and Excalibur.

The park was featured in an episode of Sooty & Co., in which presenter Matthew Corbett takes Sooty, Sweep and Soo there.

Camelot Theme Park

Camelot Theme Park

Address: Park Hall Road-PR75LP Charnock Richard, Lancashire
United Kingdom

Camelot Theme Park opening hours

Camelot Theme Park is opened irregularly. Gates open at 10 am. Check the website for opening days to avoid disappointment.

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