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Fantasy Island is a thrill-filled theme park, packed with both extreme rides and family-friendly rides, right next to the shores of Ingoldsmells, Skegness.

Dedicated adrenaline junkies will be busy all day, riding roller coasters such as the Odyssey, an inverted roller coaster full of loops, corkscrews, and tight, banked turns.

Millennium roller coaster, with its two vertical loops and a sidewinder, will take you all around the park at speeds up to 55mph and dizzying heights up to 150 feet!

Of course there’s a launch and drop tower: the Volcano shoots you two hundred feet into the air, and you’ll feel weightless for several seconds before returning to earth. Churn your guts even further on The Beast: a swing with spinning arms and flipping seats.

You won’t know what’s up or down! The Rhombus Rocket is a more child-friendly coaster, but it isn’t for the faint-hearted! For tiny thrill seekers there’s the tiny tower drop called Monkey Jump.

Further amusement comes in the form of various bouncy castles, a soft play area, several games stalls and an arcade with all the latest video games! For more information, visit the website of Fantasy Island.

Fantasy Island is a family amusement park in Ingoldmells, near Skegness on the East Coast of England. It sits in the middle of one of the biggest spreads of holiday parks in the United Kingdom. Whilst entry to the park is free, guests either pay per ride or purchase an unlimited ride wristband.

The pay-per-ride option uses a live ticket, which has a printed bar code that can be scanned to gain access to rides. This option allows credit to be added to the ticket to be able to ride rides in the park. Rides are priced at £1.50, £2.50, or £3.50 per ride depending on the ride type.

Wristbands with a printed barcode on are sold at cost £20 for adults. This code must be scanned by a bar code reader which unlocks the turnstile at each ride platform.

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island

The design technique means that riders are unable to access the ride unless having first scanned their specially printed day-code. Each day a new code is printed on the wristband, meaning wristbands from previous days become invalid.

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island

Many of the smaller rides are indoors. Fantasy Island also premiered the IMAX ridefilm attraction “Fun House Express:

Jimmy’s Clown Chaos” in its IMAX ridefilm theatre. This attraction has since been closed, though “Fun House Express: Jimmy’s Clown Chaos” has been show in IMAX ridefilm theatres around the world, including Las Vegas.

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island

Address: Sea Lane-PE251RH Ingoldsmells, Skegness, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom

Telephone number: 01574615858

Fantasy Island opening hours

Fantasy Island is opened every day from March 24th through September 9th 2012. Opening times vary. Check the website to avoid disappointment.

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