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Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo in Malton is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Britain.

It is not only a zoo with a fascinating collection of rare animals, it is also a theme park with world-class roller coasters. So whether you like African lions or California sea lions, kangaroos.

Wallabies, meerkats or lemurs, pythons or tortoises, poison arrow frogs, you’ll be busy all day checking out the animals in their incredibly well-engineered enclosures, which simulate their natural habitat as closely as possible. Because you’ll be busy all day, there’s an adjacent Flamingo Land Resort so you can prolong your stay by a day.

This way, the next day you’ll step into a world of different thrills:

enter Kumali, the sensational coaster where your feet dangle in the void as you’re looping and speeding around the track; ride the unique Velocity motorbike launch roller coaster;

or go beyond straight down on Mumbo Jumbo’s 112º drop (which was the steepest drop in the world at the time of its construction!) Of course there are also tons of exciting family rides, including a cycle monorail and a classic Ferris wheel, kiddie rides, including a mini free-fall, junior coasters, a driving school, and an interactive water play area. For more information, visit the website of Flamingo Land.

One time Flamingo Land claimed to be the largest animal holder of its kind[clarification needed] in Europe, housing over 1,000 animals.

Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land houses exotic birds, rare fish, mammals and reptiles. Some animals include camels, zebras, guanaco, hippopotamus, giraffe, meerkats, Baboons,Chimpanzee, lions, rhinoceros, tigers, sea lions, Parrots, and peacocks.

The park take part in breeding programmes an example of which is the Mangabeys featured in the 2006 series of ITV1 show ‘Theme Park’.

Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land

Flamingoland official TV stopped broadcasting in 2009, although previous episodes are still available for viewing on their website.

In June 2010, Flamingoland started work on a new penguin enclosure, the first stages of which were completed in August 2010.

Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land

Address: Kirby Misperton Road-YO176UX Malton, North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Telephone number: 01653668287

Flamingo Land opening hours

Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo is opened until November 4th 2012. Gates open at 9.30am, closing times are 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm, depending on the season.

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