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Car Hire Tips

Car hire is usually the most sensible way to keep your freedom and flexibility while travelling and in some parts of the country may be essential. On the down side, hiring you own vehicle can also bring with it serious complications. There are several steps and precautions that may be taken to ensure that there are no problems resulting from short term vehicle hire.

Make sure that the vehicle that you choose is appropriate for its purpose, rather than just booking the cheapest one available. The result of an appropriate vehicle choice is the difference between squeezing three kids into a miniscule hatchback lacking air-conditioning during the height of the Mediterranean summer or not. Think carefully about the size of vehicle needed, the terrain to be traversed, potential mileage to be undertaken; as well as any extras, such as age appropriate car seats for children, ski racks or satellite navigation systems, which you may require.

When it comes time to book your vehicle, try to find the best possible rates by shopping around or making use of aggregator engines. Don`t forget to check company sites as well as not all companies join comparative online sites but may offer their own direct discounts. For short term bookings one of the major rental companies will most likely provide the most competitive rates; however when arranging longer term bookings get quotes from local companies. Bear in mind the amount of travelling you aim to do in the vehicle as often local companies lack adequate support for emergencies such as accidents or breakdowns.

It may seem obvious but many people do not read the hire agreement prior to confirming their reservation. This is essential as you need to ensure that there is clarity on any rental restrictions, penalties that can be applied with regards lateness of dropping off or picking up and any additional charges applied. Consider that often the rates advertised represent off-peak tariffs, inappropriate vehicles, or may only be a fraction of the actual hire cost once taxes or other fees are added. It may even be possible to save some cash by avoiding high airport surcharges on vehicle hire if you take a taxi to the hotel and then pick up the hire car elsewhere in the city later.

Sometimes it is possible to circumvent the hefty insurance charges levied by the rental company themselves if you have personal cover in place or if you use a major credit card to make the payment on your hire cars. Check your vehicle prior to leaving and make sure to report any damage or faults, if these go unreported then it is possible they will be added to your bill upon return of the vehicle. Fill the car with fuel yourself prior to returning the vehicle using fuel stations that are further from the airport. These are usually much cheaper than the ones conveniently located just down from the return depot. Make sure that you remove any personal items from the car before you hand back the keys and do not return the vehicle early or late as either may earn additional charges. To avoid problems, try to ensure that the deposit is refunded while you wait instead of after you have left.

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