Finding the Right Accommodation, Private Villa Holiday

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Our annual two weeks in the sun is something we all look forward to. It is something that we often have to scrimp and save for, especially in these more financially testing times. The last thing we need therefore is to have our holiday ruined by less than adequate accommodation.

To avoid your holiday being ruined, one of the best things is to do is some research. Find out about the area you are thinking of staying in; is it a renowned party district or is it more family oriented? The last thing you want if you are looking for a party atmosphere is to find that you have booked into a sleepy resort where the nearest nightclub is 20 miles away and you have to tiptoe round for fear of disturbing other guests. Conversely, if you are looking for a peaceful two weeks away from the hubbub and you book into a hotel in Ayia Napa in the middle of the party season you are going to be left feeling a little miffed by the nocturnal partying of your fellow holiday makers.

If you are going as a family or other group, it is also a good idea to discuss and ascertain everyone`s expectations or requirements. You and your partner may want some down time but the kids are likely to want to let off some steam. You will either need to manage these expectations or have a look at options that could cater for both.

If you are looking at a hotel or apartment, then take advantage of the online reviews before you book. What did other people say about the accommodation and/or the area? Accommodation is so important as it is going to be `home` for a couple of weeks. Look at factors such as the age of the building, when was it last refurbished, what did other holiday makers say about the cleanliness of the accommodation or the efficiency of the staff?

If you want to be waited on hand and foot for a couple of weeks then obviously a hotel is a good option but be sure to book a good one and in many cases, especially in the height of season, expect to pay for it too! Or, you could consider booking a private villa.

Private villas are available for small family groups as well as larger parties and have any number of advantages over other holiday accommodation. You can have complete privacy, no noisy groups stumbling past your bedroom at 4am or perhaps those are actually the times you and your friends prefer to keep and would like to do so without causing inconvenience to others. Also, it is not unreasonable to not want to make your own bed for a couple of weeks and if this is important to you, then choose a villa with a daily maid service!

By booking a private villa holiday you can ensure that you get the holiday you want, being as lazy or active as you choose. In a private villa you are free to feel completely at home.