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November 17, 2008 by  
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What people visualize in their mind when you say Las Vegas is loud music, colourful lights and craze. But the other side of the coin in Vegas are natural parks, spectacular nature visions, open spaces and the desert. So as to coincide with these beauties, you need to get away the centre of the city and go out of Vegas. Undoubtedly, these natural grandeurs are far away from Vegas, but as soon as you get closer, do not lose the chance of visiting them.

Being 270 miles from Vegas, Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Utah. The entrance costs $ 20 for vehicles. But, money you paid will be unimportant when you visit this priceless wonder. In the Great Basin Rattlesnake, wild life shows you its face with the bald and golden eagles. Some pretty flowers blossom there in the spring and early in the summer.

Located in the southeast of Vegas, the Grand Canyon is 300 miles away. Here is also a fee costing per vehicle. With a desire in your heart to see the canyon, its fee will be affordable for you. Besides, tours that will bring you to all side of the canyon are also available there. Alternatively, helicopter tours are available in the Grand Canyon.

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