Best Nightclubs in San Francisco, San Francisco Nightlife, San Francisco Night Clubs

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The Best Nightclubs in San Francisco

San Francisco is a favourite destination for many travellers from around the world. This city is lively and modern and has many interesting sights and attractions. San Francisco is known for its cable cars and hilly streets. One of the most famous landmarks in San Francisco is undoubtedly the Golden Gate Bridge. This classic bridge was once the longest suspension bridge in the world. There are many fine restaurants and shops in this famous city.

For those who are interested in the nightlife of San Francisco, there are plenty of nightclubs to please even the hardiest dancer. The clubs range in style and choice of music. With the variety this city offers there is sure to be something for everyone.

Shades of Blues located at 3040 22nd St in the Mission neighbourhood is known for its fusion of traditional blues and alternative blues music that is eclectic and funky. The people that visit this club are friendly and the music is fun. This is a great club for people who love to dance non-stop. Bimbo`s 365 Club at 1025 Columbus Ave in the Nob Hill / North Beach/Telegraph Hill neighbourhood has live music. They bring in bands such as Tainted Love and Foreverland. The club is very retro with a red carpet and curtains and it even has bathroom attendants. The whole vibe is very 1940s. The place is rather pricey, but for many, it`s well worth it. Before visiting this place, be warned that it is cash only once inside. They do have an ATM machine but the service charge for this is rather high.

Another favourite club for many dancers is Anon Gallery. It is located at 285 9th St in the SOMA area. This is a big club with many rooms, all decorated with different lights and colours and each holding its own distinct vibe. The music is pounding electronic and people who frequent this club love to dress up in costumes. There is a rooftop patio with a bar and some like to go up there to have cigarette breaks. If you are into people-watching this is definitely the place for you. Many clubbers dress in rather crazy outfits that might take some getting used to and this is not the place for you if you are a little on the conservative side.

Next up is Verdi Club located at 2424 Mariposa St in the Mission neighbourhood. This club has live music on Tuesdays and various styles of music are played throughout the week. Stompy Jones plays there on Tuesdays. There is swing dancing and on Sundays they play funk, r&b and blues music. The crowd that visit this club tend to get dressed to impress for the occasion. Both young and old frequent this club and the bar service is top-notch. This is a classy place that offers something for everyone. International travellers will want to know all the secret rooms London that offer discount hotel rates.

Nightlife of Newport Beach, Night Clubs in Newport Beach

After taking part in the nightlife of Newport Beach, you will realize that you do not get the same pleasure in the other places of California. The area has many sport activities, must-sees and unique nightlife. The close time of the other areas is the start of joy in Newport Beach.

If you feel the heart beats of life at nights, then you will be lost with the Latin rhythms, and rock music. Teeming with the restaurants and many oyster bars, Newport offers you to enjoy in the famous Little Inn.

There are both bars most of which have big screen televisions, game tables and clubs which are the source of amusement.
All in all, not only with its day but also nightlife, Newport is the spot of what you are looking for. As the best times of your vacation begins at night, you do not need to sleep early.

Best Night Clubs in New York, New York’s Night Life

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People come to United States to enjoy and have fun. They don’t miss a thing and they get more than what they desire. There are various places people would like to visit. The country has some of the world’s best monument and places. It also has some of the world’s best man made monuments. In general New York is a place where you can find people all 24 hours and 7 days a week. You will be seeing this city always crowded. New York has some of country’s best night clubs. There are different types of night clubs for different types of people.

People get complete freedom to enter any night club they want to enter and have fun and good time. Some of the best night clubs of New York are La Bella Epoque, Lotus, Cielo, Marquee, Naked Lunch, China Club, 205 Club, Pacha, Legacy Nigh Club, S.O.B’s . These are the top 10 best night clubs in New York. La Bella Epoque is a place where you can find some of the best Argentine and Latin music events. You can find music all day and you can find visual shows in this place. Lotus has one of the best dining, lounge and dance floor. Cielo is a place where you find Afro-Latin and jazz music.

Naked Lunch is being named after William Burroughs’s book. You can find salsa and some of the best 80’s music. China club is a famous night club where you can find many celebrities. Fan of Warhol should visit 200 clubs. If you are interested in Mediterranean style then the place you should visit is Pacha. This is a 30,000 square foot building. Legacy Night Club has some of the famous 1950’s pattern music and costume and if you want to go to any club on Saturday this is the best night club.

Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Nights, Best Dance Bars in Las Vegas

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Everyone would like to travel to United States. United States is famous for many hot spots. They have some of the world’s best man made monuments, amusement parks and some of the best buildings ever built. People who visit United States would prefer to travel to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is one place where people prefer to spend time at night. They have some of the best night clubs and some of the best dance bars. Las Vegas is also famous for casino.

Casinos are nothing but games where people put in money and play cards. It is gambling and it is legal in Las Vegas. Lucky people get to win prize money. Las Vegas has some of the best dancers in the country. You can see these dancers in Las Vegas night clubs. They play all type of music, Hip-hop, rock, Latin, disco etc. Las Vegas is one of the costliest cities in United States. Make sure you carry enough money to spend time in Vegas. Some of the best night clubs in Las Vegas are Body English, Cleopatra’s Barge, Gipsy, Jet, Pure, Rain, Rumjungle, Studio 54, Tao, and Tryst. As told Las Vegas is the costliest city. In order to enter these night clubs make sure you carry enough money.

If you get a chance to enter these night clubs you will one of the people to have the best night you ever had. Cleopatra’s Barge is one of the famous night clubs and they play and dance in Egyptian theme. Las Vegas crowd has seen this club for about 30 years now. Gipsy is one the best gay night club and it is the best place for gay. You can find drag shows over here. Jet is another dance club which has three dance floors. Enter here if you have made up your mind to dance whole night. Tao is the best place where you can see strip and pole dance.