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Christmas in London is a special time of winter cheer.

See the giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, enjoy a pantomime or Christmas concert, and marvel at London’s famous Christmas lights.

Celebrate Christmas in London

London acquires a special sparkle around Christmas time. The weather is frosty, the Christmas lights are twinkling, and shoppers line the streets.

The centrepiece of London’s Christmas spectacle is the giant pine tree – a gift to London from the people of Norway – which is beautifully adorned and set up in Trafalgar Square each year.

On Christmas Day, London’s hundreds of Christian churches, chapels and cathedrals hold Christmas services, which everyone is welcome to attend.

Holidays and Closures over Christmas

Christmas Day (25 December) and Boxing Day (26 December) are the one time of the year when London feels quiet.

There is no public transport on Christmas Day. There’s a reduced service on Boxing Day and Christmas bank holidays, which fall on 26 and 27 December in 2012.

Most London attractions and shops and many restaurants are closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Christmas in London

Christmas in London

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park goes all Christmassy with the sparkly additions of rides and attractions including a Giant Observation Wheel and two circuses – ‘Christmas Circus’ and ‘Cirque Berserk’ – from the family-friendly Zippos Circus.

Winter Wonderland’s ice rink, the biggest outdoor rink in the UK, surrounds the Victorian bandstand and is illuminated with more than 100,000 lights. While most activities are ticketed, it’s worth noting that entry to the site, including Santa Land and the Christmas Market is free and an after-dark stroll is surprisingly atmospheric.

If temperatures plummet and you need to defrost, there’s rustic revelry on offer around open fires, with hot cider, mulled wine and food for sale. If you’re skating, be aware that while there’s no minimum age for skaters, under-12s must be accompanied and the smallest skates for hire are children’s size 9 (adult skates go up to size 13).

You can use your own skates as long as they’re not speed skates. Wheelchair users are welcome on the ice. There are also ice guides who can look after groups of up to 15 skaters at a time (for an additional charge).

New this year is The Magical Ice Kingdom experience, which is sculpted from 200 tonnes of ice and snow and gives the visitors the chance to explore frozen pathways and an ice forest to discover sculptures and characters in themed rooms – you can take a seat in a unicorn-pulled carriage, dare to approach the ice dragon’s lair or meet the ice queen in her throne room.

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Disney’s California Adventure Park is one of the newest entertainment parks of the Disneyland because it has been in the entertainment sector since 2001. It encompasses an area of 220,000 m2 in which it has Disneyland Park and several hotels. That’s why it might take several days for you to spend your vacation here.

The most evident feature of the Disney’s California Adventure Park is that each region takes after California’s famous places to sightsee. These regions include: Sunshine Plaza, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, The Golden State, A Bug’s Land and Paradise Pier.

Disney’s California Adventure Park couldn’t get much attention from the people when the complex first initiated its entertainment service. Rumors about lack of attractions and rides for the youth, being more expensive compared to other Disneyland Parks are the reasons why it wasn’t crowded as much as the others.

Provided that you like adventure, you will enjoy every moment of your trip in Disney’s California Adventure Park because attractions and rides in this Disneyland are designed in purpose of feeling of adventure. But if adventure is not your cup of tea, we can assure you that Disney’s California Adventure Park is not your place. Still, there are some attractions in the family range. But you are the one who is supposed to decide whether these attractions are worth trying. Not only does administration of the Disneyland keep renovating all of the attractions but it also adds new ones as part of their giant expansion plan worth of 1.1 billion dollars.

Best Adventure Parks

In addition, since there isn’t bulk of people out there, you will not have to wait for a lot of time to use some attractions. Besides, you have the opportunity to withdraw money at any time because enough ATM machines are put in various places for your use.

Don’t worry; there will be photographers at the gate of the Disney’s California Adventure Park so as to immortalize your memory of Disneyland and the smile on your face.

Don’t you know where to visit first? You had better have Disneyland Resort guided tours then. But you got to be quick while booking your tour because they don’t usually have many empty spots.

You can get detailed information about Disney’s California Adventure Park at Disney’s official web site…

Address: 1313 S Harbor Boulevard Anaheim, CA 92802

Disneyland Park Paris, Best Vacations with Kids, Euro Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios Park

We all know how entertaining it is to spend a day or two in Disneylands. There are several Disneyland Parks in well known cities of the world such as Florida, Hong Kong, California, Paris, Tokyo etc… It is time to entertain for your lovely children. The big part of your children is their game and recreation world. So, why do not you give them what their childhood world requires? And, do not forget that Disneyland is not only the land of children. Moments in a game world would be unforgettable, wouldn’t it? Then, it is time to go Disneyland Park Paris.

There are two parks: Euro Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios, one just beside the other.  To begin with, for the adventure seekers, there is Walt Disney Studios Park including many lands for entertainment. In the Tower Hollywood Hotel, you will encounter the ghosts of the hotel. Your heart will beat like a drum. In the galaxy of Stitch, you will feel yourself in the galaxy. In Crush’s Studio, you will dive into an adventure and experience the attractions of sea life. Another entertainment will be Car Race Rally letting you to speed up. In the studio of Rock’n Roll Coaster, you will hear rock music and be stirred up by it. Good moments in the Pirates of the Caribbean. As a pirate on the ship, discover secret worlds. Voyage in the Big Thunder Mountain is the recreation in Disneyland. Also, in Walt Disney Studios, you can experience television production tour and flying carpets over Agra bah.

Disneyland ParkTo explain it clearly, Disneyland is an entertainment park for both children and adults. It has everything for different choices. You can join as a family with children, as an adult who is thrill seeker, or as a group such as school team, football club etc. Additionally, Disneyland is the address of special occasions such as birthday, anniversary and even romantic moments. You will coincide with most Disney characters. You can be greeted by Mickey Mouse. Besides, in Disneyland shopping, restaurants, bars, cinemas, sports, dancing are the other attractions to get in. In other words, Disneyland is designed in accordance with your comfort and amusement.

Transportation to the Disneyland Resort is pretty easy since it has its own train station. Also, there is a high speed train that connects both of two airports of Paris and Disneyland Resort. Newcomers might use railway as well as free shuttle services so as to get to the Disneyland Resort. Also, there is a ring service between theme parks and Disney Village.

Obviously, you might have to wait for a lot of time before various attractions since Disneyland is a very crowded place. However, there are convenient times for you to visit in order to avoid that crowd. Time periods in May-June and September-October are appropriate for scheduling a Disneyland trip.

In conclusion, Disneyland is a well-designed park for entertainment vacation. Just imagine a dream of entertainment and be prepared as your blood will move faster. You can get detailed informaton at