Outback Bowl Tickets Guide and Tips for your visit

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The culmination of half a year’s worth of sporting and musical events, the Outback Bowl is an annual college football face-off, taking place on New Year’s Day in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hugely popular for both the game and the massed band half-time celebrations, this tradition is now in its 21st year.

This year’s game

Standard tickets to the game this year cost $75, kick-off being 1pm on January 1st 2013, at Raymond James Stadium. Children under 3 can get in for free if they don’t need a seat. However, the public seating allocation is limited and seat sizes are smaller than the cushioned member seats. All tickets sell fast, with the majority of the the prime seats allocated for club members, general members and school seating.

Membership guide

The general membership levels are coded as A, B and C, depending on how good the positions are and what privileges you get. For example, A membership costs $75 and allows you to buy 10 Outback Bowl tickets ($75 each) in the Green area, which denotes the seats in the corners of the stadium towards Gates A and D, B and C. The top level of this kind of package is C and for your $600 fee, you can get up to 60 seats in the Purple Area, further towards the club seating in the middle of the sidelines. All general members receive parking passes and club souvenirs.

Club membership is the top range of packages, with seats in the central band of both sidelines and a few extras besides. The basic club level (I) buys you 12 tickets in the Yellow Area – generally considered as the best seats in the house – 4 parking passes and VIP passes for 2 events in the Bowl social calendar leading up to the game. These include autumn events such as barbecues and a luncheon to kick off the college football season, as well as the gala evening at La Carte Pavillion into December. The club membership’s most prestigious package (Level V) takes you up to a total of $25,000, for which you receive 100 tickets, 25 parking passes, 6 VIP events and a corporate tent allocation to cater for 100 people.

Tips for your trip

The schedule of events in the last week of December is packed full, so it may be worth arriving early to make the most of the opportunities. Team days out are organised to local attractions such as the Busch Gardens Theme Park, for which fans can buy tickets on the day. There’s a huge beach party two days before kick-off at Clearwater Resort, involving marching band and cheerleader performances, as well as plenty of activities, including tug-of-war and live music that carries on into the evening. If you’re making a week-long visit, it might be worth checking some of the other attractions Tampa Bay is famed for; the sharks and coral reef at Florida Aquarium, the Lowry Park Zoo or the planetarium at MOSI.

Accommodation-wise, there are several areas to choose from and it might be worth mentioning the Outback Bowl to see if there are any discounts. Stay near Clearwater on the Gulf Beaches, closer to the stadium in Westshore, or opt for downtown Tampa and Ybor city for the central location and nightlife. Whether you’re here for the musical festivities, buzzing events line-up or just the game itself, the Outback Bowl is one of the most celebrated national events in America and should certainly promise a memorable time.


Shannen Doherty is a sports journalist and blogger who also writes for several events websites. Attending both college and professional football games throughout the year, getting Outback Bowl tickets is still one of her highlights.

Florida Beach Vacations, Panama City Beach

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Panama City Beach is a small city in Bay County, Florida with its 8.000 residents. Despite its being small, it has been a popular place for those who want to enjoy the emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico for years. Panama City Beach, which shares the same name with the city, has a 27-miles length and it seems like heaven as a result of the combination of green water and sugar white sand.

Due to The Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport which opened in May 2010, many national airways have started direct flights to Panama City Beach, FL. So, It is easy to arrive by airplane and this means you don’t have to drive if you are coming from a long distance. This naturally solves your parking problem now that you don’t need a car.

Since there are numerous hotels and different types of accommodations, you can easily find a place to stay. You can see the hotels lying beside the Panama City Beach, which let you enjoy different attractions during the time that you are out of the water. They can also supply you with a comfortable room with a lot of amenities at reasonable prices.

You can also enjoy lots of attractions in Panama City Beach. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and 4D Motion Theater is a place full of miracles. It lets you feel the atmosphere of a Hollywood movie. Golf lovers also visit this heaven like place especially in winter in order to go on the joy of playing golf.

People in Panama City Beach are always friendly to the visitors and they always help people who need anything. You will absolutely feel as if you were in your hometown, while walking in the downtown, shopping, and having fun in Panama City Beach.

Cocoa Beach Florida, Cocoa Beach Vacations, Florida Best Beach Vacations

Cocoa Beach and the town, rightly called the quintessential beach town, is one of the best if not the best, on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast. It is only an hours’ drive east of Orlando. The drive leading to it is amazingly beautiful like the Cocoa Beach itself, and you will absolutely enjoy.

Cocoa Beach and the surrounding Space Coast area will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Your family will love the Cocoa Beach vacation here as they spend beautiful moments, and every day will be absolutely exciting. Even a business trip here will be quite memorable!

Florida’s Cocoa Beach vacation offers great family pleasure at a low cost. This extremely affordable vacation destination is full of spectacular sunny relaxation, exciting fun, and crowning joy. Deep-sea fishing and parasailing are other exciting features of the entire Space Coast that you will definitely enjoy. Enjoy the relaxing river tour as you watch see the stunning beauty of the sea life and the marine flora and fauna of Florida. The casino cruise ship here may prove to be another profitable excursion for you! Read more

Christmas Vacations in Florida, Florida’s Best Beach Resorts for Christmas Vacations

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Do you want to make a difference in this year’s Christmas? If so, start searching for Christmas vacations in Florida. There is no doubt that Christmas time is the best holiday of the year and taking into consideration all the expenses you spend a Christmas vacation in Florida would be a very unusual present to yourself and family. Most of the hotels in Florida offer special discounts so you should be able to find a great place to rest your head after these long entertaining nights for an affordable price.

Florida is one of the biggest tourist states. From historical attractions to family oriented, there is always somewhere to venture to. The kids can enjoy Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and many more while decorated with millions of Christmas decorations and light. Be sure and check out the Disney Christmas Parade hosted every night.

Read more

Beach Weddings in Florida, Joyful Weddings in Florida, Florida Beach Weddings

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Beach weddings are the most popular type of wedding that takes place in the world. Ask anyone who is yet to get married, as to where they would want their wedding to be and the spontaneous response would be to get married in a beach. There are several beaches all over the world where weddings take place. But the most joyful weddings take place in Florida. There are several beach weddings in Florida which takes place almost every day of the year. The beach weddings in Florida are very popular among couples who want to have their wedding in a very romantic and beautiful place. Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and for its tropical locations. This makes Florida one of the most sought after locations for any kind of weddings.

The beach weddings in Florida are planned well in advance by the people concerned. The first and foremost thing is the need for photographers. The whole point of having a wedding in the beaches of Florida is to live that moment and get married in a romantic fashion. The photographers are needed to capture the essence of the beautiful beach weddings in Florida. There is a saying that marriages are made in heaven, I confirm the fact that marriages are made in the beaches of Florida. Enjoying the slow breeze of the sea and enjoying the pleasant climate and the blue waters, the couples get married with happiness and joy. This joy will not be present when they get married anywhere else.

The beach weddings in Florida happen, almost everyday of the year with a lot of joy and fun. The people who got married in the beaches of Florida claim that they have had the best moments of their marriage in these beaches. So want to get married, and then head to the beach weddings in Florida.

Captiva Island Florida Vacations, Best Island Vacations, Best Beach Destinations, Best Summer Vacations, The Best Places to Stay

Captiva Island, one of Florida’s beautiful barrier island, where pirates once roamed, is now the perfect vacation spot for anyone yearning for sun, sand and all the water fun you can find. This tropical island is one of the most beautiful Gulf Coast vacation locations.  It is located in Florida’s Lee County just off the northern tip of Sanibel Island, on Florida’s southwest coast on the Gulf of Mexico. The amazing white beaches, which are almost entirely covered with collectable sea shells, and the sparkling ocean of the Gulf of Mexico, make Captiva Island one of the best vacation spots on the planet.

The sugar sand beaches are all natural and not crowded, though all beach areas are open to the public. Shelling is fantastic, surf fishing is very popular, and the gentle slope of the beach allows safe and easy swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Sanibel and Captiva islands as well the surrounding barrier islands are among the top three shelling destinations in the world. Gently sloping sandy bottoms allow a new supply of treasures from the deep to become washed ashore with each new tide change. Sanddollars, whelks, tulips, kings crowns, horse and fighting conch, scotch bonnets, and the grand prize, the junonia are to name but a few. Even non-shellers can’t helped but be amazed by the diversity and beauty to be found along the waters edge.

Captiva over 20 miles of bike paths, perfect for jogging, rollerblading, walking and even biking. If you can’t bring your own bike, there are several locations to rent everything from bikes to rollerblades to canoes.

Best IslandsSouth Seas Island Resort: South Seas Island Resort, a 330-acre full-service resort on Captiva Island and 34 miles from Southwest Florida International Airport. As a private retreat thoroughly embraced by the natural splendor of the Florida Gulf Coast, this breathtaking Captiva Island resort combines the alluring mystique of an international destination with the reassuring comfort of a domestic address. Engage in a true island experience – tranquil, private, and deeply reflective. As an unspoiled refuge at the edge of the Gulf Coast of Florida, South Seas Island Resort welcomes you to experience the genuine freedom and luxury to set your own pace in the midst of timeless natural splendor. For Flights + Resort Reservations, Specials & Packages and other details you can visit South Seas Island Resort’s web site at http://www.southseas.com/

South Seas Island Resort’s Address: 5400 Plantation Road, Captiva Island, Florida 33924

Best Beach VacationsTween Waters In: Somewhere between your idea of paradise and a dream come true, you’ll find the legendary Tween Waters Inn, Day Spa and Marina on Captiva Island. 13 gorgeous Gulf beaches-to-bay acres, with their charming blend of warm hospitality and barefoot style that dates to 1931, you’ll enjoy a gracious, comfortable, historic, tropical beach resort that promises everything you’d ever hope for in a wonderful, watercolor dream. Which is to say: Surf, Sand, Sun, Service and oh so many smiles. Moreover, find out how wonderful and easy happier can be, with a beautiful beach wedding at Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Island. For Reservations, Rates, Package values and other details you can visit South Seas Island Resort’s web site at http://www.tween-waters.com/

Tween Waters In’s Address: Tween Waters Inn, Day Spa & Marina P.O. Box 249 Captiva Island, Florida 33924