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Best restaurants in Los Angeles for lunch to give your taste bud a great treat. Information on best lunch restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is really a busy place to live in. If you live and work in LA, you will find out that you will hardly get the time for lunch and when you do, its too short to go to any decent place for lunch. You would certainly be tired of the nearby café and so, if you want a grand lunch this tie, just try one of these best restaurants in Los Angeles for lunch. These places are all in downtown, likely where you work and so, reaching there will not be a problem for you. They are even reasonable and so you can go without worrying about your wallet.

Hama Sushi: If you are in love with sushi or if you wish to try this great meal the first time, then definitely Hama sushi is the place where you should go. If you look at the interior and the space in the restaurant, you would wonder how such a tiny and crappy place can become so popular but really it has the best sushi available. You would think that all other sushi restaurants are serving really crappy food once you try the sushi from Hama. There are not a lot of fish varieties to choose from but whatever it has, it is awesome. The salmon sushi is the best if you like a smooth and buttery texture. The Red snapper is also great in taste with just some salt sprinkled on it. The sashimi is also people’s favorite there. The restaurant has a great bar and only sushi at all times. It does not have any other cooked food like teriyaki noodles and rice. You should only go to this place if you don’t have anything against sushi. Eat at the bar and savor the amazing taste of sushi that you wont get anywhere else.

Blossom: If you love Vietnamese cuisine and if you are a meat eater, then Blossom is the best place to go and dine out for lunch. If you a vegetarian, then also, this place is great for you since there is also a vegan menu like curried vegetables and veggie pho. You should try the pho here which is really authentic and simply mouth watering. Other beef dishes are also delicious and will really make you want to go there again for a treat.

Los Angeles best lunch restaurants

Tiara Cafe Los Angeles

Tiara Café: If you are looking for some light food to have on the go or between your busy work schedule, then Tiara Café is the best place for you. It has great coffees and teas and the food is also very delicious. Go for one of their various sandwiches and wraps, or get a salad with delightful dressing.