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Ayre Gran Hotel Colon, 700 meters from Retiro Park is located in a peaceful environment is a design hotel. The hotel’s smart rooms, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi access and are equipped with flat-screen satellite TV.

Gran Hotel has a modern design furniture, stained glass windows and elegant are frescoed walls. The hotel has beautiful gardens.

The hotel’s Ibiza Restaurant serves international cuisine buffet meals. Offering snacks or drinks at a bar and café is available to guests.

Gran Hotel Colón to the historic center and the famous Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia museums can be reached in 30 minutes by passing through a park.

IFEMA Centre, Barajas Airport and offers excellent connections to the city center Sainz de Baranda Metro Station is 200 meters away from the hotel.

Ayre Gran Hotel Colón

Ayre Gran Hotel Colón

To Do List in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Best Hotels, Las Vegas Vacations

Las Vegas is a small reflection of the world where all natural beauties are combined. It is the only place in the world to visit all the sights and to feel the difference of a wonder. You can note so many things in your to-do-list in Vegas, and here are some of the places that you will be amazed.

With its 1/2 scale, Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is the replica of well-known Eiffel Tower. The top of the tower is 460 feet, and you can view the city from this height.

Another thrill reminding you the fun of Rio’s Carnival is Rio Suite Hotel presenting Masquerade Village Show in the sky. In this show, you live all funs and enjoy of Carnival. Music, dance, and colour.

We are going with the search of the Obelisk provided by Luxury Hotel and Casino. If you are interested in archaeological investigation of Pharaohs, it is an exact address for it. Small children are not allowed to join this adventure because of height restrictions.

Are you feeling blissful when you watch a rally show? Then, you won’t be away from this experience when you are in Vegas. Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix offers the excitement of competition whether you choose it as a family or as adults.

Venetian Resort and Casino in Vegas give you the impression of Venice without needing to suffer such a long way. Your best pleasure in Venetian Resort will be Gondola rides in which you can hear the serenades of the gondolier. It will be so romantic to rent a gondola with your love.  Additionally, Venetian Resort provides you to visit Guggenheim Hermitage Museum where you will find good pieces around the world. Architecture of the hotel inspired by Venetian design is the other point that will attract your attention.

Another must see show in Vegas is volcano show offered by The Mirage. Not all of us can experience this every time, so it will be very different memory to tell about. It can be seen in every 15 minutes by beginning early in the morning till midnight, and you do not need to pay anything; it is free for everyone.

In The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino, you can leave the world and take a voyage to an alien world where you will deal with creatures and see the future by Star Trek Experience. After your voyage to the alien world, your second address is the museum of TV and movie heroes.

Imagine that you are in only a one place and experience the wonders of many countries? Where can provide you this chance? Take your visa to the Las Vegas and live many in one without any constrain. You could not imagine something better than this.

Las Vegas Wedding Ceremonies, Las Vegas Wedding Packages

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Vegas, with its well- known wedding ceremonies and activities, offers many wedding chapels whichever side of the city you go and in major casinos. There are a variety wedding ceremonies classified as themed, elegant, simple, alien weddings and more. Vegas is an expert in weddings apart from gambling.

Vegas has many choices for different wishes. For organizers of wedding, the ones thinking about marriage, and who wants to get married but does not like organizing something. Your dream about wedding ceremonies becomes real in Vegas. Some chapels provide you to rent wedding costumes. Alternatively, some of them rent you traditional wedding costumes if you wish.

Wedding packages, including bells and whistles other than frills, are also available from the plain Jane and Sue packages. Varying from photography to spa services, there are luxurious wedding parties for bride if you pay extra for the service.

With its professional members who have the full information about making bachelor and virgin parties, Vegas is the best city for providing all wanted. You will taste more than you want and imagine. Some people want a wedding ceremony which more acquaintances are invited while the others want more romantic wedding ceremony. Besides, there are some people who wants Elvis impersonator in their ceremony to sing. This shining city makes the dreams of people real.

In Las Vegas all requests of weddings are possible. It can be in simply elegant chapel with pink fuzzy carpets and candles, or it can be in outrageous rooms. You can be from any part of the world or from different cultures. Vegas is considered as the best place for wedding as its advantages for easiest marriage are miscellaneous. The only point, valid for everybody, is legal age and consent.

While organizing a Las Vegas wedding, you do not feel alone, so you will have the chance of tasting the wedding moments. 

Romance in Las Vegas, Most Romantic Hotels of Las Vegas

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Romantic minutes far away from the tiring days.  Feeling the real passion while hearts attuning within. To build better and romantic relationship with your love, you deserve an excellent place and unforgettable moments. So, why do not think once more about a romance vacation? Especially, for honeymooners and for the ones getting married, it is the best time to feel the real love in your hearts. All these are designed for the lovers and included in the most romantic hotels of Las Vegas.

Romantic Hotels in LAThe best and luxurious hotel is Mandalay Bay, located in the south end of the Las Vegas Strip about 2 miles from the McCarran International Airport, Mandalay Bay offers large, exquisitely-furnished. Affording guests a haven of sophistication, Mandalay has an easy relaxing atmosphere that brings out the romantic feeling of comfort. Escape to the beautifully landscaped tropical gardens, soak up the sun on the 11 acre beach, swim in the pristine pools, and relax at the 30,000 square foot spa. For the lovers, Mandalay offers you a vacation beyond your dreams.

Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel is an elegant and cheerfully decorated in bright colours and has the view of Lake Bellagio and the dazzling Bellagio Fountains outside the windows. Its guest rooms are designed with relaxation in mind. Except for the delightful moments in Las Vegas, you will enjoy its beauty in your suit by watching the portrait of Lake Bellagio. Bellagio Hotel offers elegant wedding ceremonies for the couples. You just trust them to organize your most important day. They try their best to organize chapel, catering, and floral arrangements. What you need to do is just enjoying your day.

One of the best hotels for the couples in Las Vegas is The Venetian Resort Hotel. Amazing and huge hotel is located on the site of the historic Las Vegas Sands and connected to the Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Staying in one of the newly renovated suites, you can enjoy a king sized bed, separate living area and anything else you could want from the attentive staff. Also, if you plan to get married in heaven, The Venetian organizes your wedding ceremony. Here is the best point for the lovers. The best part of the hotel is its gondola tours. You will float beneath bridges, beside cafes, under balconies and through the vibrant Venetian streetscape. All charm, passion, and love are released while gondolier is singing.

To sum up, these are just the description of your blissful moments. If you think about the right place of romance, the ideal is Las Vegas. It is the destination of romance for the couples…