Cycling Vacations to Inspire and Delight You!

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This article looks at the best of cycling trips and showcases some of the variety of biking holidays available. Whether you’re a single sports enthusiast, or a family of ‘newbies’, you’ll find exciting holidays to suit all interests and budgets.

Why cycling trips?
The author went on her first cycling holiday to France last summer and was hooked! These holidays are so very different from the typical experience of sitting on a beach or walking around a city on a packed itinerary on a short break. They are hugely sociable and enjoyable active; you can opt for gentle bike riding holidays if you’re a beginner or less keen for a fitness challenge or more difficult routes and levels if you want to be physically active and challenged – whilst seeing amazing sights. Each of the tours are accompanied and you sleep incredibly well afterwards – it’s a revelation to be cycling and moving whilst travelling if you’re used to sitting down for much of the day. It’s also very unusual to be coming home from a holiday feeling and looking better than ever from your exercise – even when you’ve been enjoying plenty of delicious local food and drink while you’ve been away! For many people, these types of holiday can really kick-start a passion for cycling and they are also a great way to travel with a family and enjoy quality time together, whilst developing your fitness, cycling skills and taking in exciting new vistas and cultures.

The joy of holidaying with a bike
So often, holiday experiences are marred by travel or getting lost on unfamiliar roads. But cycling holidays are a different experience altogether. On two wheels, you can experience the world at your own pace. Opt for a gentle meandering bike ride through the Loire in France. Speed along on a high-tech bike spec in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. Travel the length and breadth of Vietnam or explore the US coastline – the choice is yours. Each cycling holiday comes with a grade, so you know what to expect and it explains whether there will be elements of off-road cycling and what sort of vehicle support is provided during the trip, for times when you can’t bike anymore!

Enjoying the surroundings
On these types of holidays, it is important that you’re confident about your fitness level and it is well worth taking some refresher lessons before you go and some cycling practice, so that you get the most from your trip. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to experience the surroundings in the most pleasant manner, enhancing the experience by being physically active and moving with other people in a friendly group. You’ll also build up a great appetite for your food, which is half the fun of travelling overseas!

Best Cycling Vacations
Best Cycling Vacations

Shannen  Doherty  writes regularly on cycling holidays and family trips for a range of consumer magazines and publications. A keen cyclist, she recently travelled through Spain on a tandem!

New York’s Green Parks, Nature Lovers in New York City, Central Park in New York

By and large, most of you are not aware of the fact that New York is among the greenest cities in America. 50,000 or more acres of area are green in New York. Despite being famous for the greenest area in New York, Central Park is in fact only the fifth largest park in the city.

When the matter is nature, people do not know that there is a treasure in New York. But, forget your prejudices and visit New York to see that there are many natural wonders where you will be amazed and see the miscellaneous works of the nature. We guarantee your appreciation about New York.

To put it bluntly, New York has 1,700 playgrounds and parks. In these areas, you will be busy with activities, for example, frisbee, soccer, tennis, softball, bike riding, ice skating, basketball, inline skating, row boating, and skate boarding. Before you come, check your bag whether you put blanket in it or not. While lying down on the blanket, you will smell the odour of the flowers and hear the harmonious tune of the nature.

Second, for the investigators of the nature, New York City has many places to visit. For instance, New York Botanical Garden arranges tours for bird watching. Other destinations for bird watching are Blue Heron Park, Woodpeckers and Warblers. One more place to visit is Clove Lakes Park which enables its visitors bird watching, fishing, row boating, paddle boating, and ice skating.

Addition to bird watching, New York is home to more energetic activities such as fishing. By means of fishing, New York has many spots to go. One of them is Central Park’s Charles A. Dana Discovery Centre. Another destination for fishing is Willowbrook Park where you can ride the Carousel. Apart from fishing, it has activities like tennis, horse riding, soccer, football, archery, and ice skating.

If you are one of those who are keen on investigating plant and green life more than animals, New York is again a good address for your expectations. Plant life in six acres offered by Central Park Conservatory Garden will ensure your satisfaction. In this garden, three different features are available. The North Garden is being inspired by French, and The South is formed as a traditional English garden. Lastly, the central garden is styled as an Italian garden. Also, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is home to the seekers of green life. Here is a special club opened for the teenagers to practice their ideas about green in Brooklyn Garden.

In Central Park, there is one more place that is worth visiting. Belvedere Castle is a good area for bird watching and searching the wild life. Before beginning your investigation, go to the Central Park Conservatory at Belvedere Castle so as to get equipment including a sketchpad, a map of the park, and binoculars. They rule that you should have ID to get the equipment. Also, children under 6 years are not allowed to get the equipment.

In conclusion, if nature is your passion and can not quit it, why do not you consider New York? Prepare for investigation, allocate enough time for the parks and leave your soul to the nature.