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New Zealand ‘s named after Zeeland Dutch name . Zeeland is a province in the Netherlands . New Zealand Aotearoa Maori said. The Land of the Long White Cloud means . Ao cloud means , tees and rode a white cloud means that .

New Zealand Maori Polynesians first settled 1,000 years ago . Maori well-organized , with blood coming chefs and a powerful tribe is ruled by priests .

The first white man to set foot on the island , the Dutchman Abel Tasman in 1642 has been . However, Captain James Cook in 1769 and 1779 on trips up and undiscovered islands are not adhered to any management . British settlers in 1840, the board of British rule began to settle on the island . Wellington was established after that date . New Zealand government has been allocated in 1852 and its investment in the next century the country , has made a rapid development in communication and agricultural production .

New Zealand name by the Dutch cartographer in the Netherlands, referring to the island of Zealand and was placed with the country’s indigenous Maori Aotearoa in their own language that is called the Long White Cloud Country . Between the years 1769-1779 , British explorer James Cook, who visited the country four times by the current name was called New Zealand . All colonies of the British Royal Family that attracts most of the Maori , the Maori chiefs in 1840 by agreement with the Waitangi New Zealand as a colony of the Ottoman Empire was declared.

New Zealand capital of Wellington , which is a country known for its snow -clad mountains . Auckland is the largest and most cosmopolitan city . Movie Lord of the Rings film trilogy with the $ 200 million additional revenue gained and that Peter Jackson directed trilogy that owns the Warner Bros . ‘ Un and New Line Cinema’s company is linked to Winut Films Productions contributing this movie trilogy multiple is an award-winning . Germany, the U.S. and New Zealand are taken .

New Zealand

New Zealand

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Travel to New Zealand – A Natural Paradise

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New Zealand is a small country. For a small country however, it has a large coastline and plenty of New Zealand accomodation to stay on your journey. Larger in fact than that of the USA. Not only is it large, but it is very diverse. For the most part this beautiful country went largely undiscovered from mainstream tourists. It wasn’t until both the NZ destinations Queenstown and Milford Sound were rated both #1 and #2 respectively in the top 100 travel destinations on that visitors starting paying attention.

New Zealand provides possibly the best chance to enjoy the many recreational activities presented by this natural diversity. Nowhere else can you experience the thrill of visiting an active volcano, have a hot jacuzzi in the sand, swim with dolphins, and be among the first in the world to see the sun rise on the new day.

From the journey’s beginning, in Auckland, one doesn’t have to travel far before becoming aware of just how aquatic this country really is. From the Waitemata Harbour, right in the heart of the city, it is possible to charter a motorboat, enjoy a day’s sailing, or take a ferry ride to the Bay of islands. The town of Paihia is the gateway to the Bay of islands making it very popular for the tourists and Paihia accommodation is plentiful.

Scuba diving in New Zealand is a great way to get acquainted with this country’s marine environment and provides the added bonus of a virtual journey into Antarctica.

Auckland’s West Coast is also worth a visit. There are some remarkable black iron-sanded surf beaches which would have to be among the most rugged and least spoilt in the world. The mainland gannet colony at Muriwai is popular, and provides a rare viewing opportunity as well as much information about the birds and their migratory patterns.

If heading to the South Island, make sure to visit Queenstown the action capital of the world and Wanaka, which is only a short distance from Queenstown and is another magnificent place to visit. Wanaka accommodation includes a range of motels, hotels, and backpackers for all budgets.