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Los Angeles is a city which truly offers something for everyone. From the iconic Hollywood landmarks, world-famous nightspots and immense shopping opportunities for travelling couples to the film studio visits and beaches for families it truly has it all. With so much to see inside and just outside the city, car hire is a must in order to get the most out of your visit.

If flying into LAX Airport, the car hire desks here offer ample opportunity to pick your vehicle before setting off. Car hire Los Angeles is offered by many companies and finding a cheap deal online is not difficult. It is important to be aware that most U.S vehicles function with automatic transition, so be sure to familiarise yourself with this before booking and also be sure to book your hire car well in advance of your trip to ensure your vehicle is equipped to meet your required needs, which can be especially important if travelling with a family. Also bring a sat-nav along to help you navigate your way around this sprawling metropolis.

So where to start with the City of Angels? The Hollywood landmarks are a sensible suggestion, with the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard as good as anywhere to begin. Here you’ll see more than 2000 of those famous bronze stars lining the walkway celebrating the biggest icons of stage and screen over the decades. The nearby Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is equally iconic and is where to find the hand and footprints of stars cast in cement. From here, you will be able to book a tour of Hollywood stars’ homes, or if you pick up a map you can drive around them yourself. Also, with car hire, what better way is there to enjoy the nearby Sunset Boulevard and Sunset Strip as you pass through the mansions that reach into West Hollywood and on to Malibu to explore the famous coastline as well as Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach?

Los Angeles Vacations

As night falls you can busy yourself at one of the world-famous nightspots such as the Whisky A Go Go or Viper Room on the Strip or check out the listings to see which internationally famous superstar is performing at the House of Blues or at the Hollywood Bowl just along Highyway 110.

As mentioned, if travelling with a family there is also much to see and do. One of the most important visits has to be to Universal Studios, where you will find a multitude of themed rides and attractions and a one-hour tram ride around the 420 acre site where you can also visit working movie sets.

Shopping should also be on your ‘must-do’ list. Drive along the famous Rodeo Drive and into Beverly Hills’s ‘Golden Triangle’ where you will find designer boutiques wherever you look; from Tiffany to Cartier and Ralph Lauren to Armani – every high-fashion name is waiting for you!

Another notable drive is along Mulholland Drive and on to the San Fernando Valley where you will find the Warner Brothers Studios. As well as being able to tour the facilities on a golf cart, you are able to view working sets, movie sets, set craft workshops and tour the museum which features many iconic artefacts that have been used on the big screen throughout the ages.

Art buffs can also get their fix in L.A, most notably at the J. Paul Getty Museum and Centre. The immense art collection owned by Paul Getty will even interest those with only a passing interest in art, which includes Van Gogh’s and more. The exterior of the building will impress in its own right, with the building constructed using marble, surrounded by a wonderful landscaped garden.

You’ll need your car again for an early start to head for the Paramount Pictures Studio Tour. Found on Melrose Avenue (where even more designer boutiques can be found) this fascinating walking tour takes you behind the scenes, showing you live film and television sets in action, where you will more than likely be able to see a well-known celebrity at work!

Once you feel like you have seen all you have wanted to within downtown L.A (if this is ever possible!?), your car will come to the fore to take you to one of America’s most-loved attractionsDisneyland. Disney is around an hour’s drive south of downtown Los Angeles in Anaheim County, where both children and adults alike will be mesmerised by the attractions and world-beating rides on offer.

Also consider Berry Farm Theme Park in Orange County. Found in Buena Park, you’ll find one of the country’s oldest theme parks in America which features many modern thrill rides.

If all this sounds like too much for one holiday, then go and take time out on some of California’s most stunning beaches which are all easy to reach with the benefit of car hire. The names’ simply roll off the tongue; Newport Beach, San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach; all of these are at your disposal with the aid of a car allowing you to go when you want for as long as you want.

Best Places to Live in USA, Top American Cities to Live

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If a town is ranked first in the best places to live list by CNNMoney, there is nothing much left to say about it. Still, we can reiterate why Louisville is one of the best places to live and why people choose to habituate in there.

Reasons for the being best include demographic, economic, cultural and social facts. Louisville is situated under the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, which makes the town have mild and dry weather. Population of the city is almost 19.000. This fact absolutely indicates that it is a place where you can find a peaceful environment.

Louisville doesn’t get affected from the recent economic turmoil as much as entire United States does. Since there are numerous plants in the sectors of high technology, energy and solid health care industry in the town, Louisville preserving its well being, which can be proven by the fact that the town’s  per capita income is estimated to be approximately $31,830. Besides, employment rate is quite high due to such a solid economy.

Best Places To Live

History of Louisville begins in 1877 when the first coal mine was established. This is followed by the construction of series of mines. Therefore, the town’s population used to include a plenty of miners and there were several mining companies controlling the coal reserves. However, that is not the case currently because mines were shut down in 1950’s due to insufficient coal reserves. Since then, the town has turned out to be a suburban residential city.

In addition, one of the most striking features of Louisville is the fact that the city has great opportunities for outdoor sports like hiking, trekking and cycling because there is a pathway with the length of 32 kilometers. Also, Rocky Mountain National Park is very close, namely almost an hour. And, a person can reach one of the eight reputable ski resorts within two hours. Education in Louisville is pretty good too due to high ranking public and private schools. The city also has a $9 million worth of public library.

Habitants of Louisville are so sincere that they try to help you in any case. Other than the reasons mentioned above, low taxes, low crime rates, good health care and high life standards make Louisville best place to live not only in State of Colorado but also in entire United States.

You can detailed information about Louisville at their official web site.’s Top 10 “Best Places to Live”:

1. Louisville, CO.
2. Chanhassen, MN
3. Papillion, NE
4. Middleton, WI
5. Milton, MA
6. Warren, NJ
7. Keller, TX
8. Peachtree City, GA
9. Lake St. Louis, MO
10. Mukilteo, WA

Best Haunted Houses in America for Hallowen, Best Halloween Vacation Destinations

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Every Halloween it is in the tradition of some families to visit haunted houses. Make this a tradition in your family as well. Visit one of these top three haunted homes in America. As you will read, their stories are really spooky. Most old houses where tragedies have occurred are said to be haunted. However, some of them are scarier than the rest.

Built way back in 1794 by one General David Bradford, one of the greatest haunted house, perhaps the top haunted house in the whole of America, is the Myrtles Plantation. Located at Saint Francisville, in West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, this plantation style house is said to be haunted by a number of ghosts. One of them is of Chloe, a slave girl at the plantation. There are various theories about the ill treatment of Chloe at the plantation and how she tried to get a bit of her own back and poisoned a few family members.  Other legends say a naked Indian girl haunts the plantation. Mysterious figures and shapes often show up in photos. Many guests at the Myrtles have also claimed to have sighted the ghosts. If you want to be scared out of your wits this Halloween, the Myrtles is perhaps the best place to stay at. You can get detailed information about Myrtles Plantation at

Hallowen Vacations

Another great haunted house in the United States is the LaLaurie House, in old New Orleans. Here you can often hear the clanking of chains of the old slaves who were kept here. You can hear doors slamming and slaves and servants running about. The mistress of the house too sometimes appears. This house in one of the most haunted cities in the United States is well worth a visit by those in search of a scary adventure. You are bound to hear the voices of slaves and their moaning if you listen hard enough. In any case the old quarters of New Orleans is itself worth a visit by any ghost lover.

The Whaley house located at San Diego, California, is built on a cemetery. This has perhaps been the source of the many ghosts that have been sighted there. Many people have observed windows opening mysteriously and smelled cigar smoke when there was no cigar. Also, they have felt a mysterious energy in parts of the house. You can tour this property either in the day time or more appropriately at night. There are organized “Ghost Hunting” tours, with sophisticated equipment like EMF and Audio recorders for E.V.P., that happen once a month at the house and during the Halloween, the house reaches its spooky peak!

Choose one of these three haunted houses to visit this Halloween.

Top Alaska Destinations, Things To Do in Alaska, US Best Destinations, Alaska Vacations

If you were to overlay a map of the state of Alaska over top of a map of the same scale of the lower 48 United States, you would be amazed to find that Alaska stretches nearly from coast to coast, and from the Canadian to the Mexican border. With 570,374 square miles of land, Alaska is easily the largest of the 50 United States. It also has the longest coastline of all the states.

Alaska is rich in natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, coal, and gold, and it features over 3,500,000 lakes, making it a very “wet” state as well. Marshland and wetland permafrost also co-exist with 16,000 square miles of glacier ice.

Although home to less than one million inhabitants, over 10 percent of Alaskans classify themselves as Native descent. Of these, approximately 4,000 are Aleuts, 12,300 are Athabascan, 15,200 are Inupiat, 9,300 are Tlingit/Haida, 1,300 are Tsimshian, and 21,000 are Yupik. The various Alaska Natives differ in ethnic origin, culture, and language. Originally reaching Alaska by way of the Bering Land Bridge (which is submerged now), Alaska Natives live in a number of different geographic and climatological regions. Read more

Things to Do in Las Vegas, Travelling to Vegas

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Before taking a vacation to Las Vegas, you should take some rudimentary into consideration. First and foremost, your shoes must be durable to Vegas as you will spend most of your time by walking around the city. Secondly, the weather condition of Vegas is not uncertain. Most probably it is cold in the months between October and April, thus you need to take warm clothes. To add, as your skin can be damaged from the hazardous sun lights, you consider protecting your skin.


Another important point to remind you is that you try to avoid travelling to Vegas in the holiday times. Since Las Vegas can be crowded at those times, the prices can be higher. But if you can allocate time only in those days, then you should make reservations earlier than the other people in order to get the best service.


To inform you about its climate, it is crucial to tell about its being a desert town. Since you are not accustomed to its dry climate, do not get confused when you need more water.


One of the best points about Vegas is for golf lovers. Vegas requires the golfers to come prepared as it is the right address for it. To join the plays, do not forget to bring your clubs and clothes with you.


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Las Vegas Vacations, Things To Do in Las Vegas Part II

To provide an unforgettable vacation for its visitors, Las Vegas hotels think and generate new ideas. This causes hotels to try their best to serve the best facilities. For example, some hotels arrange rides for the seekers of adventure while the others struggle for presenting entertainment shows and inviting stars for the enjoy of visitors.

These hotels and casinos are renewing, developing themselves. The cause of this is that the more they develop the more they earn money. The competition between them require them to struggle more for the visitors. If you are one of the visitors in Las Vegas, this rivalry between them will work for your advantage. Generally, competitions lead the prices to decrease and to offer visitors a chance of choosing where they will stay according to the serves and offers of the hotel.

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