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Rome’s traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations are centered in Piazza del Popolo. Huge crowds celebrate with rock and classical music and dancing and of course, fireworks. The celebrations last well into the night. On New Year’s day (while the adults are sleeping), children will be entertained in the square by performers and acrobats.

Another good place to celebrate is near the Colosseum on Via dei Fori Imperiali where there’s live music usually starting around 10PM and midnight fireworks.

Next to the church of Santa Maria del Popolo, you can still see the exhibit of traditional nativity scenes ( through January 8 ) from 100 regions of Italy and other countries of the world.

Rome has a classical music concert outdoors on the square in front of the Quirinale, off Via Nazionale, around 11:00 followed by fireworks at midnight.

Christmas season is in the air and everything in the streets reminds it to us: lights, decorations, red carpets, local Christmas markets and now even low temperatures. It’s time then to get ready to unwrap gift packages. Here is our little gift to Romans who remain in the city and Tourists visiting Rome during this holiday period: a selection of some recommended restaurants for Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve dinner!

If you are in Rome to celebrate the new year and you believe that good food is a fundamental element to start well it here you have our suggestions. For each restaurant we have matched – with a bit of irony – the wish we believe suits more for it.

1) Antico Arco: one of our favorite venues for more or less important celebrations. Few steps from Gianicolo terrace it has a plus to permit – with a short walk – a breathtaking view of Rome fires for New Year’s Eve.

2) Settembrini: a ” food project” much appreciated in 2010, including restaurant, cafè and book store/take away. The restaurant – nice but not too luxury environment – is running since 5 years and it is now a certainty with a cuisine leaded by the well-known chef Luigi Nastri and Luca Boccoli as sommelier.

3) Margutta RistorArte: a vegetarian solution in downtown for those who want to continue celebrations after dinner between Piazza di Spagna and surroundings.

4) La Tana der Porpo: on via Boccea a few kilometers outside the City, a restaurant led by the passionate chef Carmine Salierno, designed for lovers of good fish, with prices beyond belief for Rome.

5) Glass Hostaria: a Michelin star modern restaurant in the heart of Trastevere, with chef Cristina Bowerman providing a warm welcome together with Fabio Spada. Needless to say more for this well known address.

christmas in rome

christmas in rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome Vacations, The most Beautiful Fountain, Trevi Fountain Hotels, Europe Honeymoon Vacations


The Trevi Fountain in Rome dominates a small square in the heart of the city near the Spanish Steps. The fountain is the most famous and biggest baraque structure in Roma. The fountain is a true wonder, a jewel of water and stone that is nestled between the palaces of the historic centre of the city. The fountain was built by the architect Salvi in 1735.

The central statue is Neptun or Oceanus. The 2 tritons were created by Pietro Bracci; the left one trying to tame a fiery horse (it is symbolizing the rough sea), and the right one blowing a shell-horn (it is symbolizing the quiet sea). They symbolizes mood of the sea. Also, the water at the bottom of the fountain represents the sea.

Trevi Fountain RomeYoung couples who just married comes to fountain for their loves will be forever in Italy. Firstly, they turn back to the fountain then throw away coin from right shoulder. In fountain everbody wish different requests. If visitors throw a coin, they wiil ensured to return Rome. Two coins will lead marriage soon. 3000 euro is thrown away to fountain everyday and picked up night. This money is used for meeting Rome’s needs.

If you want to stay in a hotel in Rome near Trevi fountain, you don’t have a long list of choices. Hotels in Rome near Trevi Fountain are; Hotel Bolivar, Hotel Hiberia, Hotel Magnifico, Hotel Cortina, Hotel Trevi, Hotel Pincio, Hotel Fontana… If you want to Trevi Fountain, you must know the best time to visit is in the dawn.