Spain Perfect European Family Vacation, Best European Family Vacations (Part II)

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Capital of Catalonia, Barcelona

Barri Gotic and Catedral de Barcelona are as much for kids as for adults. The latter offers a beautiful panorama of the old city. Sardana, the Catalonian folk dance, is another attraction that should not be missed. It is performed on Sundays in front of the church. Barcelona is home to Museu Picasso, the famous artist, so have a treat of some magnificent paintings! Parc de la Ciutadella Zoologic is the best zoo in entire Spain. It has more than 7,500 animals, among them, many endangered species. Watch the beauty of Barcelona from the top of Mirador de Colon, a monument to Columbus.

Barcelona Modernisme has preserved the modernism of the pioneers of anarchism and nationalism of the 19th century. The other top-rated attractions in Spain are:

Alhambra, Granada…
You will find here the reflections of the Moorish civilization that once flourished. The Islamic beliefs were strengthened under the Moorish kings who once settled in Alhambra.

Segovia’s Aqueducts…

These monuments are preserved to depict the power of the Ancient Roman Empire. The monument is a wonder because the stones that make this monument have no mortar or concrete to hold them together! These are just some of the wonderful attractions that greet you as you take the perfect European family vacation! Read more

Attractions in Barcelona, Things to do in Barcelona, Barcelona Vacations, Barcelona Travel Guide

When you go to Barcelona, you feel like being a city other than Spain. With its rich culture, this country is like an open air museum. They introduce themselves as Catalans. They will tell that there was Catalan culture before Spain was established. They will say that they are more cosmopolit than Madrid and more European than Spain. They regard Spain as a union including many provinces other than a country.

The best known symbol of Barcelona is the Temple of the Holy Family which is located in the boulevard of Catalan Governor Office. It was started to be built in 1882 by Villar with a gothic shape, but then Anthony Gaudi went on its building till he died. The structure is still being built. In Barcelona, modern structures show differences with the effects of rich culture of Barcelona. The cause of this difference is the combination of Gothic, Islamic, Renaissance, Romansk, and Byzantine styles. Glass and brick used in ornation was designed by Gaudi to form a modern style. It is possible to see the other structures of Gaudi in the city like The Quarry.

Barri Gotic is an popular place of the visitors despite not being a touristic village. Here is a small village of Spain attracting many tourists who wants to learn more about the culture of Barcelona. The painter was born in Barri Gotic and his impressions of the village are reflected in his art.

Barcelona can nat be imagined without Picasso. Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga. He lived in Barcelona and was inspired by Barri Gotik and Barri Xines regions. He dealt with empresyonizm and sembolizm. Picasso returned to Barcelona in 1901 and till 1904 he created his best arts. In 1904 he went to France and died 1973 in France. The art pieces of Picasso was begun to collected in a museum in 1962. Museo Picasso is in Barcelona with its art pieces more than 2,500.

The famous Las Ramblas Street is only a mile away the harbour. There is the famous Christopher Colombus Statue just beside the harbour along the Mediterranean Sea. The other boulevard where concerts and dramas are held  is Plaza of the King. After returning his voyage to Barcelona, Colombus entered the presence of Isabella and Ferdinand in this place.

Bull fighting can not be imagined apart from Spain. For watching bull fighting, you are supposed to buy your tickets two days ago. Ticket prices may vary according to the fighting, but it is generally between 1000 and 6000 Peseta. The fights of the bulls whose age are 3 is always less than 1000 Peseta. Before entering the arena, do not forget to buy flower for throwing to matadors. Undoubtedly, the favourite colours of Spain is red and black. In the boulevard of Sagrada Familia and katalan office, you can watch the show of Serdana dancers and have a fun there.

Port Aventura Theme Park Spain, Spain Vacations with Kids

If you feel yourself marooned to the monotonous life, change is inevitable for your. A deep and fresh breath in the vivid part of Spain will help you to discharge yourself. Trying to catch the blissful moments, you can just think about Port Aventura Theme Park in Spain. You can join in as a single, with your partner, or you can arrange this tour to share the happiness with your children.

The Port Aventura Theme Park opened in 1995 is situated in Salou on the Costa Dorauda.  There are many areas to ride. In El Triangulo de las Bermudas, enjoy the pleasure of sun and pool. Also, you can be involved in Bahama Beach. Additionally, there are areas named as The Mambo Limbo, El Tifon, El Rio Loco, El Torrente, Barracudas, and La Laguna de Woody. Shows are also available in Port Aventura Park. For example, China Town, Bubble Bou, Aves del Paraiso, Aloha Tahiti, Xu xop Xou, Isla Buffet, and Penitence Train Band. The theme park consists of several themed lands, these being China, Mexico, Polynesia, The Far West and Mediterranean.

The other beauty of Port Aventura is the Beach Club. Sunlight does not leave you in Port Aventura. Require for relaxation will bring you to the side of pools. Besides, water activities like aqua gym, aqua aerobics, and beach volley. Restaurants and shops are also available in Port Aventura.

Accommodation facilities in Port Aventura are the other aspect provided for its guests. There are many hotels named as Hotel El Paso, Hotel Port Aventura, and Hotel Caribe etc.

All in all, for an enchanting hours you just need to dream Port Aventura. Come and feel the peace in the deep of your soul.

Spain’s Awesome Beaches, Best Beaches of Spain, Spain’s Sandy Beaches

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The most of the time allocated for vacation is spent at the beaches. They are the best part of the day and you can not imagine a vacation without beaches. The reason of choosing sea vacation is to be the part of nature. So, sea with its melodious voice and refreshing waves is indispensable. Supposing that all of us are the fan of beaches, Spain becomes valuable because of having awesome beaches. Here are the best beaches of Spain.

Spain Sandy BeachesFirst and foremost, with its warm Mediterranean climate, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca is just the mixture of stunning scenery, the warm hospitality of the islanders and the richness of its food and drink. To add, Mallorca offer shore excursions that either includes a tour of Palma de Mallorca, the capital city, or a trip to other parts of the island. No doubt, not only has Mallorca got so many things to do, they also have some of the best beaches you have ever seen. Mallorca beaches are Port Andratx, Camp de Mar, Cala Fornels, Peguera, Santa Ponca, Port Adriano, Portals Vells, Playa Mago, Magaluf, Palmanova, Costa del Blanes, Portals Nous, Illetas, Cala Mayor, Can Pere Antoni, Es Molinar, Ciudad Jardin, Can Pastilla, Playa de Palma, and Arenal.

Secondly, famous Canary Islands are the other destinations should be visited. Canary Islands beaches are very extended and wonderful, with blue crystal clear water. The coasts are blessed with vast sandy beaches full of outstanding reefs, capes and bays. The Canary Islands consists of 7 islands.  Fuerteventura has golden beaches which are among the best in the world. Tenerife beaches have soft and clean sand; also, it is appropriate for water sports. The other beach islands are Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro.

Lastly, Galicia is the other natural wonder of Spain. Galicia makes Spain a true paradise with its fine sand and turquoise waters. Flanked by high cliffs and fishing ports and sheltered harbours, the coastline has tiny coves, beautiful sandy beaches. Galicia is home to spectacular, golden beaches. The beaches in La Coruna are Carballo, Ferrol, Finisterre, Laxe, Noia, and Santa Marina. Balea O Grove and San Vincente O Grove are the beaches located in O Grove. And, Sanxenxo is the beach in Pontevedra.

Seville is a nice base from which to discover Spain. A car hire Seville might be woth considering if you are starting your trip here.

To sum up, visiting the golden beaches of Spain should be in your to do list. As all known, they are preferred beaches worldwide. So, you are contented with the stunning beaches of Spain. 

The Balearic Islands Holidays, Best Beaches in Spain, Mallorca Vacations, Ibiza Vacations

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This wonderful group of islands is divided into Gimnesias (Mallorca, Menorca) in the North, and Pitiusas (Ibiza, Formentera) in the South-West. Located between Spain and the North Africa, these Mediterranean islands are infamous for their beaches, sunshine and nightlife. The best known and most visited of the four main islands are Mallorca and Ibiza which are two of Europe’s top holiday spots.

This group of islands known as the Balearic Islands has a smooth coast line which is dominated by various bays, coves and capes. The Balearic Islands’ crystalline waters and almost three hundred beaches boast all types of services and offer unparalleled variety that ranges from beaches to untouched coves. A rich cultural offer and the unusual hospitality of their inhabitants make Balearic Islands one of the preferred holiday destinations in Spain. The islands are a favourite holiday haunt of royalty, the seriously rich and famous and package tourists from all over the world. Balearic Islands holidays are enjoyed by many visitors simply for that great combination of warm weather, superb beaches and water sports such as diving, snorkelling, water skiing and parasailing.

Mallorca VacationsIbiza is one of the most well known islands in the world. Ibiza attracts thousands of holidaymakers each year with its beautiful beaches and azure blue waters, stunning scenery, legendary nightclubs, and lively atmosphere. Most people come to Ibiza primarily for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches. With some of the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean, each year over a dozen of Ibiza’s beaches are awarded blue flags.

Majorca is the largest Balearic Island and is located close to neighbouring islands Menorca and Ibiza. Families, couples and groups of friends alike venture to Majorca every year to enjoy its golden sands, bustling bars and vibrant atmosphere. Majorca boasts 250 miles of stunning coastline, an endless series of hotels and offers an array of activities.  If you are looking for a car rental then check out this cheap car hire Majorca Airport service. They offer reasonable prices.

If you take a trip over to Formentera, you will discover one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets an island paradise of dunes, cliffs and coves with some of the cleanest unspoilt beaches and clearest waters in the Mediterranean. Cala Saona is a heavenly beach with impressive fine, white sand and totally transparent water. On one side of the beach there are old jetties. You can hire motorised pedaloes. It is one of the best beaches for snorkelling.

Ibiza Vacations

The co-official languages in the Balearic Islands are Spanish and Catalan. Every day, thousands of passengers from all over the world arrive at the islands’ airports. The airports of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza act as one of the principal links.

Moreover, for a great selection of places to stay with discount prices visit Mallorca Hotels for more information.”

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