Best White Sandy Beaches in the Philippine

The Philippines having belongs to the tropical islands of the Southeast Asia have a lot of beautiful beaches where every guest can acquire gilded tanned from the sun, but among the beaches around the Islands of the Philippines few white sand beaches can guarantee perfect look of a natural tan. We, the will lead you through the best among the best white sand beaches in the Philippine with the top 3 beaches list in the Philippines Archipelago.

BORACAY | Dream Paradise, Party, Cheer and Adventure
Boracay is the most beautiful and most admired destination of both local tourist and abroad whether by youngster or those who wish to feel young at heart and taste a dream come true vacations in Paradise. The distinct white powdery sand of the beach that creates an edge among white beaches in the country that makes every tourist amazed of the quality sand that it has that other beach do not have making it on the TOP LIST among the best white beach in the island. Some folks say that no matter how hot the weather is, the sand remained not that hot which makes guest stay to enjoy the beach even in the hottest summer days.

Young adults and students are the main visitors of the islands who enjoy party, night life, swimming and other water sports or games where they can do anything in the beach like even sleep in the beaches after enjoying the nightlife party. But many families may enjoy the peace of the panorama scenery of the island for those who were staying in the hilly part of the island or in the rear part of the beach but the best thing is that the accessibility in any part of the beach is not an issue.

Best Sandy Beaches

PALAWAN| Unspoiled, Pristine and Paradise
While it is true that Boracay Island is the most popular white beach in the country having chosen by most youngster and young adults by the lifestyle, parties and raves it offers, Palawan is something for the families and people who love tranquility, serenity and peace. The appearance of Palawan white beach is analogous with the sand of Boracay which makes it on the 2nd Top List White Beach in the Philippines. Palawan is an ultimate paradise picture where every tourist can relax in a hammock while enjoying the beautiful beach with a fruit juice beside that. There were a lot of banquet break near the beaches so that you will not go hungry while walking or lying in the hammock while trying to have that suntanned you love.

BOHOL| Treasures of Bohol
Chocolate Hills is one of a kind tourist destination in Bohol and its beauty cannot be denied, however, it is not the only place that they have which shows elegance and exquisiteness, having part of the Visayan Region, in this particular Island of Bohol, the white beach goers may give credit and try this wonderful beach, Bohol treasures. Although this island beaches are understated on its gorgeousness because it is not so crowded like Boracay and Palawan white beach it also deserves recognition.

Tourist and guest may try some dive sites at Alona Beach or at Balicasag to experience what it offers in secret on why they called it as Treasures of Bohol. Bohol white beaches can be comparable to Boracay Island and Pristine Palawan makes it on the 3rd Top List White Beach in the Philippines.

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Myrtle Beach Attractions, Best Beach Vacations, South Carolina Best Destinations, Best Family Beach in the US

Myrtle Beach, SC, an excellent beach vacation along the US East Coast in South Carolina, presents you with so many attractions that you must take more than one visit to this wonderful travel destination. There are so many Myrtle Beach attractions like the world’s biggest sculpture garden, amusement and water parks, championship- as well as mini-golf courses, a wonderful aquarium, live theaters, amazing sightseeing, shopping, and affordable resorts to name just a few.

With more than 123 golf courses here, Myrtle Beach, SC, can easily be called the nation’s golf capital. The Atlantic Ocean’s crystal blue blends perfectly with the powdery white sands at the Myrtle Beach. To understand why Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area is so popular, it is awesome to know that this area attracts more than twice tourists that Hawaii enjoys! You will see more than half a million people on a single summer day enjoying Myrtle Beach various attractions. Myrtle Beach attractions have made South Carolina as the second best vacation destination in the United States, next only to Florida. It’s also well-known as the “Best Family Beach in the US”.

Some Of The Myrtle Beach Attractions Are:

Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park

This is South Carolina’s biggest water park, which is spread over 20 acres of swerves, curves, and waves. It attracts more than a quarter million visitors every year. The Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park has 32 rides, Ocean in Motion Wave pool, and a slow ride around the park, the LayZee River. There is also the Bubble bay, which is a 7,000 ft. leisure pool. Other attractions are the saturation Station, which has waterfalls, splashes, and slides. Read more

California Dream Vacations, California Best Beach Destinations, Los Angeles Best Hotels

The seeker of a real city, a real vacation and colourful moments, California City is the combination of your dream vacation. Stepping one and one more- non-stop-, you will be lost in the pleasure of California. As there are many places to visit and many things to do, you can be amazed to decide where to begin. In order to depict a dream, we begin with the southern part of the city.

Hollywood VacationsIn Southern California, Los Angeles area will be your first destination to go. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Lakewood, and Malibu are its famous places to go. Also, there are many heaven beaches with vast and clean sea, such as Capistrano Beach, Hermosa, Huntington, Laguna, Long, Manhattan, Newport beaches. Another area of Los Angeles is San Diego in which there are Mission, Ocean, and Pacific beaches. In North coast, you will enjoy to be in Crescent city, Mendocino, and San Francisco areas. And the last destination is Lake Tahoe area. You can visit Gold country, Georgetown, Mammoth Lakes, Nevada City and Shasta Cascade. These are only a few examples of the destinations. There are so many places to visit in these areas that you need to endure being tired after your joyful and awesome vacation.

With its 1,100 miles of breathtaking coastline, California is the exact address for beach lovers. It is the time when you spend in beaches that provide you peace under the shining sun and in the fresh water. In Los Angeles favourite beaches are Dockweiler, El Matador, Manhattan, Redondo, Santa Monica, Venice, Zuma, and Paradise Cove. In the other famous part of California, San Francisco, Baker Beach has the view of the beach. Also, nude beach is available in its north end. The choice of surfers will be Ocean Beach. Having an open view of the ocean, Rodeo Beach is the other sun and sand area of San Francisco. Outdoor recreation is another joy in California. In the north, fishing is inevitable activity to do. Biking, sailing, camping, and hiking are the other outdoor challenges to do in California.

Los Angeles HotelsYour accommodation conditions in California do not show difference according to where you stay. Each city has elegant and comfortable hotels welcoming its visitors with a smiling face. In Los Angeles, The Beverly Hills Hotel is a luxury, five-star hotel, located on Sunset Boulevard in the centre of Beverly Hills and surrounded by 12 acres of lush, tropical gardens, exotic flowers, and private walkways. The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel offers visitors to San Francisco the very best in hotel accommodation. The city of San Diego has Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego located in prime waterfront location on San Diego Bay.

All in all, do not worry if you can not see all cities of California because it is normal in such a big city. As much as you come, you will find new things to discover. After seeing different beauties in different areas, you will leave with a picture of their combination.

During the vacations seasons, it is hard to get hotel reservations. Most of the Las Vegas hotels market on this principle. On average a San Diego hotel is less likely to declare a full occupancy, than a Boston hotel.

Cebu Beaches Philippines, Cebu Island, Best Tropical Islands, Best Beach Videos, World’s Best Islands for Vacation

Cebu is known for its narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus, and coastal plains, all characteristics of a typical tropical island. Recent indications pointed out that Cebu has become the country’s favorite tourist destination. Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the country and the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the central and southern parts of the archipelago. It has five-star hotels, casinos, white sand beaches, world-class golf courses, convention centers, and shopping malls. Cebu’s strategic location makes it ideal for those who wish to travel to the other islands and provinces by plan, boat or bus.

Honolulu Vacation, Best Sandy Beaches, White Sand of Waikiki Beach, Best Beach Scenes, Honolulu Hotels

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Honolulu demolishes the taboos of vacation in your mind and makes it possible for you to smile when you remember Honolulu vacation. Waikiki is the extremely touristy area of Honolulu.

Sandy BeachesThe beach is a wonderful place to relax and get a great tan. The water is a lot salty, but it is the perfect temperature and great after a long hot day. You don’t need to buy a beach mat, because you can usually find them around the beaches at night. There are many interesting things to see on the foreshore. There are a lovely waterfall and many statues. Many hotels are lined along this beach as well as hundreds of stores and other gift shops. In the evening this area is teeming with bars and clubs and of course, Street performers. Put sandy beaches, waving palms and the balmy weather of Honolulu to your pocket, and get a great mix of sun-fun and culture.

Many first-time visitors think that this city has not boundaries as it is so vast. But within a few miles you are winding up the lush green valleys, accompanied by passing showers and rainbows. Excellent hiking trails cover the area. Honolulu has several 18-hole municipal golf courses. The Hawaii Bicycling League holds rides around O’ahu nearly every weekend, ranging from 16km (10mi) jaunts to 100km (60mi) treks. Rides are free and open to the public. Waikiki is good for swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, sailing and other beach activities most of the year, and there are lifeguards and showers. Between May and September, the water is a little rough for swimming, but great for surfing. The best snorkelling is in the area toward Diamond Head at Sans Souci beach.

Best BeachesHonolulu hotels do not hide its perfect nature even when you are in the hotels. Park Shore Waikiki, a sparkling introduction to the Grand Island of Oahu, situates on the glistening white sand of Waikiki Beach. Enjoy comfortable accommodations nestled amidst breathtaking mountain ranges, classic architecture, and rings of brilliant white-sand beaches. Completely renovated in 2006, the Aqua Waikiki Wave features a white-marble lobby that highlights paintings of Duke Kahanamoku riding the Waikiki waves during his 1920s Heyday. The Big Kahuna, a Hip, Tiki-tropical setting, offers drinks, burgers and a variety of games. The Moana Surfrider holds an honoured place in history as the first resort built on Waikiki. The resort continues a tradition of afternoon teas and sunset dinners on the Banyan veranda shaded by a Banyan tree’s canopy and set within a breezy courtyard overlooking the beach.

In summary, it is a dream come true to stroll along this world famous Honolulu. A beach scene, another day, another view. No matter how many times you come to here, there is always something new to see and do.