Rio Carnival, World’s Best Carnival

Rio Carnival is one of the most entertaining leisure events on earth that are hold during the whole year. Every year, the carnival is held between 13th and 16th of February. Carnival is very important to the Brazilians, it sums up their culture. It is a euphoric event where people dance, sing, party and have tons of fun.

People’s acquaintance with Rio Carnival dates back to 1723. Even though it has such a long history, Rio Carnival is actually famous for its Samba Parade that consists of a plenty of people and dancers from various samba schools. Because Samba Parade of the Rio Carnival is quite different from other parades, millions of tourists visit Brazil during that period.


Rio Carnival is the result of months of preparation. People eagerly anticipate the start of each year’s Rio Carnival. It begins with the crowning of the Fat King (King Momo), who is presented with a giant silver and gold key by the city’s mayor. Then it is Carnival all over the place, in the streets and squares, bars, clubs and all other venues, taking over the whole city of Rio and culminating in the Rio Carnival Parade also known as the Samba Parade.

Therefore, it is acknowledged that Samba Parade is supposed to be seen at least once in a lifetime. This parade can be perceived just as a street festival but indeed it is more than that because it mostly demonstrates the competition among the samba schools. It might seem that dancers in the Samba Parade is just hanging out but actually it is an orchestrated parade in which every dancer has a certain role and place depending on the samba school he/she has enrolled.


Another feature that makes Rio Carnival unique is that Samba Parade has different themes every year. Also, each samba school is represented with different colored costumes. Thus, these characteristics make the Samba Parade entertaining and exciting to watch. Since people all around the world are aware of this fact, Rio de Janerio attracts a plenty of visitors from Australia to Russia.

Rio Dancer Samba

Rio Dancer Samba

Rio Carnivals Girls

Rio Carnivals Girls

Rio Carnival Samba

Rio Carnival Samba

There are also other activities as the parade goes on such as balls in Copacabana Palace and beach and street festivals that are highly accompanied with traditional music and dancing, namely samba. Since everyone is allowed to participate in the street festivals, you can have the joy of music, dancing and singing at the same time by means of visiting Rio de Janerio during the carnival time.

Rio de Jenario Carnival Girls

Rio de Jenario Carnival Girls

The Sambodromo is the stadium of samba. It consists of the Parading Avenue (the samba run-way) and several independent concrete structures for the spectators (the so called sectors) along both sides of the Parading Avenue. it comes to life during Carnival It is truly magnificent and overpowering, lit up with special effects on Samba Parade nights, filled with thousands of cheering spectators and surrounded by many other thousands of people who could not get inside. It can seat around 70,000 people, which is already far too few for the ever growing Rio Carnival Parade. Entry to the Sambodromo is only possible with tickets for events. However it opens its doors and offers free entry to the grand stand seats in almost all sectors on rehearsal days which take place in the Sambodromo on the weekends before Rio Carnival.

Rio Sambodromo

All in all, Rio Carnival is a great opportunity to discover Brazilian culture that is exposed by local dancers and singers. Furthermore, it provides you an occasion to entertain yourselves with Rio Carnival’s outstanding atmosphere and ambiance as well as never-ending dancing and music. You shouldn’t wait for the best time to visit Rio de Janerio because no doubt carnival time is the right time.

Rio Carnival

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The Best Road Trip for your Holiday, Car Hire USA

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Nothing can compare to a road trip for its sense of freedom, adventure and flexibility – it is perhaps the best way to explore any country. But in a world filled with roads and those roads increasingly packed with cars, which is the best road trip to choose for your holiday?

Car hire is the most practical way to explore any country and once you have decided on your destination, making sure you have a good vehicle at a reasonable price should be your top priority.

South Africa has become one of the world’s top targets for any intrepid tourist. It is home to the famous Garden Route – a beautiful stretch of road, which winds itself gracefully along the south east of the country, giving spectacular views of mountains and the Indian Ocean.

Australia, with its miles and miles of seemingly endless highways, is also an excellent choice for a road trip. The east coast of the country offers the most with the cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne and the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef to explore.

However, it is the US that is the true spiritual home of the road trip and in a country so large and diverse, any tourist is spoilt for choice. And therein lies the problem: which is the best trip to choose? The Pacific Highway is near the top of the list – as is the Oregon Trail – but the route to beat all others has to be Route 66.

Car Hire USA

Built in 1926 and running from Chicago to Los Angeles at a length of just under 2,500 miles, it is also known as the Mother Road. There have been improvements and alterations to the original route but after being decertified as a US highway in 1985, it has now gone through a revival and is firmly lodged in American’s hearts as part of their cultural heritage.

Travelling east to west is the most natural direction to take on this enchanting two-lane road. After leaving Chicago you pass through Springfield and then hit St. Louis. The city is famous for its Gateway Arch and is worth spending more than a day exploring. Other cities and towns on the route include Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Amarillo, with fantastic scenery instantly recognisable to any fans of American cinema. Life seems to move at a slower pace along this road, but this is what makes Route 66 so special. It is a link back to US history – a different place at a different time. Albuquerque and Flagstaff soon follow on the road, before Los Angeles looms over the horizon.

The beauty of a road trip is the personal experience – it’s no one else’s holiday, just yours. The flexibility means that if you are unhappy with where you are just get in your car and drive. Although an itinerary is helpful, it should only be a guide and never a rulebook. If you bear that in mind then your road trip will be one of your best holidays.

Best White Sandy Beaches in the Philippine

The Philippines having belongs to the tropical islands of the Southeast Asia have a lot of beautiful beaches where every guest can acquire gilded tanned from the sun, but among the beaches around the Islands of the Philippines few white sand beaches can guarantee perfect look of a natural tan. We, the will lead you through the best among the best white sand beaches in the Philippine with the top 3 beaches list in the Philippines Archipelago.

BORACAY | Dream Paradise, Party, Cheer and Adventure
Boracay is the most beautiful and most admired destination of both local tourist and abroad whether by youngster or those who wish to feel young at heart and taste a dream come true vacations in Paradise. The distinct white powdery sand of the beach that creates an edge among white beaches in the country that makes every tourist amazed of the quality sand that it has that other beach do not have making it on the TOP LIST among the best white beach in the island. Some folks say that no matter how hot the weather is, the sand remained not that hot which makes guest stay to enjoy the beach even in the hottest summer days.

Young adults and students are the main visitors of the islands who enjoy party, night life, swimming and other water sports or games where they can do anything in the beach like even sleep in the beaches after enjoying the nightlife party. But many families may enjoy the peace of the panorama scenery of the island for those who were staying in the hilly part of the island or in the rear part of the beach but the best thing is that the accessibility in any part of the beach is not an issue.

Best Sandy Beaches

PALAWAN| Unspoiled, Pristine and Paradise
While it is true that Boracay Island is the most popular white beach in the country having chosen by most youngster and young adults by the lifestyle, parties and raves it offers, Palawan is something for the families and people who love tranquility, serenity and peace. The appearance of Palawan white beach is analogous with the sand of Boracay which makes it on the 2nd Top List White Beach in the Philippines. Palawan is an ultimate paradise picture where every tourist can relax in a hammock while enjoying the beautiful beach with a fruit juice beside that. There were a lot of banquet break near the beaches so that you will not go hungry while walking or lying in the hammock while trying to have that suntanned you love.

BOHOL| Treasures of Bohol
Chocolate Hills is one of a kind tourist destination in Bohol and its beauty cannot be denied, however, it is not the only place that they have which shows elegance and exquisiteness, having part of the Visayan Region, in this particular Island of Bohol, the white beach goers may give credit and try this wonderful beach, Bohol treasures. Although this island beaches are understated on its gorgeousness because it is not so crowded like Boracay and Palawan white beach it also deserves recognition.

Tourist and guest may try some dive sites at Alona Beach or at Balicasag to experience what it offers in secret on why they called it as Treasures of Bohol. Bohol white beaches can be comparable to Boracay Island and Pristine Palawan makes it on the 3rd Top List White Beach in the Philippines.

Please feel free to visit us at DreamBoracayTravel.Com is a group of Aklanons who had great concerns about Boracay, who come together to share their respective expertise, talents, skills and knowledge regarding nature, its preservation, and promoting Boracay to all the tourists and explorers encompassing the world. We are excited to serve you best at your convenience and satisfaction. SEE YOU IN BORACAY!!!

Top 3 Celebrity Hideaways, Celebrities on Vacation

So many times it happens that when we think of where to take a vacation we think of the places where our favourite celebrities would be taking one. Though most of us cannot afford to spend a similar amount on a vacation as they do but we would love to go to a place where we can catch their glimpse. Following are the top 3 places where you can find your favourite stars holidaying.

A favourite holiday destination of the stars like Janet Jackson, David Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Michael Douglas, Steven Spielberg and many others is Necker Islands. These islands are small islands which are owned by Sir Richard Branson who is the chief of Virgin. The luxury was added to the island by its owner and before this these were sand beaches and tropical forests. Extremely expensive, these holidays are the ultimate in luxury. There are bedroom villas, personal chef, private beaches, tennis courts and a lot more. The island was bought by the Virgin chief for his family. He developed it over a period of time and now it is open for public. At one time it can accommodate 28 people and is given to one group only. It is a completely luxurious holiday which you are bound to enjoy with your friends and live life the way your stars live.

Celebrity Hideways

Another favourite holiday spot of stars like Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Hugh Grant, and Paris Hilton is St. Tropez in France. This is a famous summer holiday destination of the rich and the famous. Though the place is crowded in summers but it surely is the best time to enjoy the sandy beaches here. One can stay at the Chateau de la Messadiere and party at Plage de la Voile Rouge. To watch the glamorous people you can go to the Harbour of Riviera. The nightlife of this place is great and there is plenty to do here like windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, water skiing and much more. It is a very fashionable and charming and is a must visit in France.

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Best Beach Vacations for Kids, The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

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Escape to one of the world’s finest luxury resorts – The Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Consistently ranked among the world’s premier travel destinations, this alluring Southern California vacation spot provides the perfect getaway for the discriminating guest. Restore your spirit in the cleansing waters of our brand-new spa. Enjoy innovative seafood cuisine in our ocean-view restaurant. Treat yourself to a romantic California coast vacation in our richly appointed accommodations in a striking oceanfront setting. 

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Ca. – At The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, the Ritz Kids program combines learning and exploring the resort surroundings with interactive games and sports coordinated by their experienced counselors.

The program is for children between the ages of five and 12 and both full-day or half-day sessions are available. The full day program starts at 9 a.m., includes lunch and ends at 4:30 p.m. Half-day sessions are available from 9 a.m. to 12 noon or 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Daily Activities may include:
• Nature walks
• Beach combing
• Shell collecting
• Soccer
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Swimming and tennis
• Board and card games
• Arts and crafts
• Movies and Nintendo

Additionally, a Kids Night Out is offered on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. which includes dinner and a movie.

Best Beach Resorts

Safety-conscious families checking into The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel will want to check out the toddler-proof precautions introduced through the Protect Our Little Ones (P.O.L.O.) program.  Upon arrival, guests traveling with children under five are escorted to their room by a specially-trained bellman who will install the safety features and explain other precautionary measures intended to protect youngsters from injuries.  Contents of the P.O.L.O. kit include:

• A night light
• Tub spout cover
• Electric outlet plugs
• First aid kit (Children’s Tylenol, Band-Aids, thermometer, diaper rash ointment)
• Emergency safety card with a list of local emergency telephone numbers

“Anyone who has ever traveled away from home with a two-year-old knows that before they can relax their first concern is safeguarding their toddler from hotel room accidental injury.  The P.O.L.O. program is an effective step toward easing parents’ minds and, most importantly, protecting our youngest guests,” said Bruce Brainerd, general manager.

A variety of fun seasonal activities are also offered for our younger guests.
• Summer Poolside Movies (June-August)
• Teddy Bear Tea (December)
• Holiday Story Telling (December)
• Top Hat and Tiara Ball (New Year’s Eve)

Consistently ranked among the best resorts in the world, The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego and sits on a 150-foot bluff with panoramic white-water views of the Pacific Ocean and two-miles of sandy beach.  For more information or reservations call 800-241-3333, the hotel directly at 949-240-2000, a travel professional or visit The Ritz-Carlton Web site at

Best Beaches in Barcelona, Beach Holidays in Barcelona

If you’re a sun and sand lover, Barcelona is definitely the right city for you. It has a coastline 4.5km long and offers you a wide range of fun and beautiful beaches. So head to a Barcelona beach when you travel to this bustling city. Here are the more popular beaches in Barcelona.


Barceloneta, favorite among foreign visitors, has one of the longest coastlines in Barcelona (1.1 km). This beach is also one of the most traditional and oldest beaches in the city. Barceloneta’s dimensions make it suitable for leisure equipment, including volleyball courts and a table soccer area located on the Eastern side, facing the Hospital del Mar. It also has a children’s play area located on the Western side, beside the Gas breakwater. You will also find here gym and ping pong areas. Barceloneta also comes equipped with a skating area.

Sant Sebastià

San Sebastià is situated in the Ciutat Vella district and is the beach most closest to the city proper on the coastline’s Eastern end. It is the beach most frequented by local residents, especially residents of Ciutat Vella. San Sebastià is also popular among foreign tourists. Because of its proximity to the center of Barcelona, many tourists come here by public transport or on foot. There is also a metro stop that connects the area to other parts of the city.

Nova Icària

Nova Icària is located in the center of Barcelona’s coastline. The people who frequent this 400-m long beach are locals from nearby towns as well as foreign tourists. It is the beach where tourists stay the longest, perhaps because it is well-known for its being the quietest in Barcelona. Nova Icària is frequented mostly by groups of friends and also families with children. Many beach goers reach the beach on foot.


Bogatell is a 600-m long beach revitalized when the city’s seafront was restored in the 1990s. It is very much appreciated by Barcelona coastal visitors. This is, among other reasons, because of its safety. A cycle track borders the Bogatell beach so you can easily reach by bicycle.

Barcelona Beaches

Mar Bella

Mar Bella is a 500-m long beach situated in the East of the city coastline. It came into existence after the coastal area became part of the urban redevelopment as part of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games preparations. At the Western end of the Mar Bella beach is a nautical base where activities related to the sea are performed. What’s more, it also has a beach area designated for nudists.

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