Explore the Gorgeous Islands by Yacht Charter in Croatia

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Croatia is a place which is mostly attracted by the tourist’ as it is one of the eye-catching locations adjoining the Mediterranean destinations to central Europe. It is located in south-central Europe, in the Adriatic coast of the northeast region. Its coastal line stretches for as long as 3,000 miles. This coast has thousands of islands hence there are no big waves or high sea, so you can enjoy the perfect condition for easy and pleasant sailing.

In Croatia you can find 70 charter companies with 3833 charter yachts. The journey of Croatia by yacht charter is unique and you will be surely impressed. By renting the yacht you will be able to visit all the places along the Croatian coast and island and can have an extraordinary vacation. As most of the beautiful places are located on the Adriatic Sea coast and islands it is best to rent a yacht to explore Croatia.

At Croatian yacht charter they offer you with a wide variety of yachts for rent to sail luxuriously. Primarily there are two main charter types – bareboat charter and crewed charter. The most common yachts are sailboats, motor bareboat, catamarans and motor sailors or power mega yachts. To have a great sail you can register online that way you are aware of the fair prices and best services offered. Best prices and discounts for yacht charter in Croatia and Montenegro can be found at TravelAdriatic.net website.

Mostly all the yachts offer accommodation with large cabins and each cabin has a large modernly furnished toilet. And large sitting and dining area and it is equipped with the latest technology. They also offer you with all water equipment to provide safety and also for enjoyment. Along with this you will enjoy the service of a captain and hostess. Food and drinks of the highest quality will be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The professional crew will provide you with highest service quality and hospitality.

Best way to explore coastal Croatia, is by yacht and this is a perfect opportunity for you to spend a weekend with your family or friends. Spending time with loved ones and or friends on a vacation in a chartered yacht is the ultimate life-time experience which most of us might have dreamed to have but very few lucky ones actually get to have that experience. Further regional information and details on holiday accommodation in Croatia can be found at TravelAdriatic.net website.

Best Sailing Vacations, San Juan Islands Vacations, Summer Vacations

Are you fond of sailing? Or you are one of those people who want to try it out? Sailing is one of the most adventurous activities of mankind. Nevertheless, it offers one great deal of sceneries, views and even a sense of being part of nature. You could interact with some aquatic animals while sailing or you could take pictures of tem along with the beautifulness of the sea.

Sailing  VacationsHaving a sailing vacation does not require you to be a good sailor. Although, if you are one, then it is better. Now if you don’t have any experience in sailing, then you could hire skippers which would take care of sailing the yacht while you enjoy the view. Skippers are available for questions like how to sail, or any other question about the place. And if they see much interest in you about sailing, they could as well give you sailing tips that would come handy the next time you sail.

Some of the most popular and best sailing vacations are found in the waterways of Seattle, British Columbia, Alaska, as well as the San Juan Islands. These places could be great cruising sites for you and your family.

San Juan Islands is one of the best sailing vacation sites available to every aspiring sailor. One major reason for this is because the water is kept protected from various storms. This is great for beginners because the water is normally undisturbed. It has about 200 rocky islands that you could encounter have to watch out. It is located somewhere around 60 nautical miles from Seattle. Its islands are inhabited and generally safe and full of adventure.

San Juan IslandsThe weather in this place is generally mild and storms are rarely seen. Summers are normally sunny and therefore, a great place not only for beginner but also for the family. It has also huge mountains that serve as the ones who block dangerous storms from coming across the place. And so, rainfall in this area could be as little as 20 inches every year. So what could get are only swift breezes and fresh ones as well.

So if you are looking for best sailing vacation sites, try San Juan Islands as well as those encircling the waters of Seattle to British Columbia. Moreover, you could join a flotilla to make it more enjoyable. Flotilla is a group of people organizing shore parties and the like. Joining one would give you greater chances of mingling with other sailors.

Now that you know where, then start planning. Sailing vacation is best if you are prepared to avoid any unwanted happenings. Plus of course, you could enjoy with your family while having a sight at the vast waters of the Pacific.

Sailing Days, Yacht Chartering, Spirit of Ipswich

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Aboard the Spirit of Ipswich, one of the new range of Jeanneau Deck Saloons. Bright, light and airy unlike tradtional sailing boats and reserved for your private use. Would you like a day out or evening sail on the luxurious New Jeanneau 42 Deck Saloon. It is available for day sails out of Ipswich and longer trips to places such as Southwold or Mersea. They are coded (licensed) for up to eight people on-board including the skipper.

So What’s on offer?
Day Sail: Relaxing or Energetic, you choose! Ideal for birthday and other celebrations, bird and seal watching, corporate fun/training days. You can choose to have as much or as little input of the crewing of the yacht.

Evening Sail: Lets them take you on a tour down the Orwell out to Harwich and the entrance to the STour. Two of the most picturesque rivers in Suffolk. You can have a go at helming or sit back and listen to the wind in the sails. Sunset over the Orwell brige and time for a photo shoot perhaps before heading back to Ipswich.

Sail and Dine: “Sailing Days” can sail you in style to the Pier at Harwich and then after your meal return you to Ipswich. Or why not a day out sailing and then return to a meal at the Salthouse Harbour Hotel or “Sailing Days” can cook on board alfreso at a quiet and romantic anchorage?

Sailing Days

Imagine the thrill of sailing from Ipswich down the Orwell and out to sea, having lunch en-route to view Felixstowe or Orford from the sea! Back in time for a meal either on board or at one of the many dockside restaurants. Fully Department of Transport compliant and expertly crewed.  You can relax and take in the views or have a go at sailing her! If the weather is slightly inclement then go below and watch from the panoramic windows in heated comfort.

Sailing Days – Yacht Location:
The luxurious Jeanneau Deck Saloon is anchored at Ipswich Neptune Marina, Coprolite Street in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Access from Ipswich railway station:
“Sailing Days” is a short walk (15 minutes) from the railway station.

The town centre bus station is 5 minutes walk away.

Nearest Airport:
London Stanstead International airport is 45 minutes away by road.

You can find detailed information about Sailing Days at their web site; http://www.sailingdays.org

A certain group of people go for cruises during their vacations and are thus saved from the hassles of apartments or even rental cars. They may look for resorts occasionally, but come back to cruising.