Carrie Underwood on Vacation to Bahama, Celebrities on Vacation

In Bahamas was seen the bikini clad Carrie Underwood. She was on a vacation to Bahamas and stayed at the Cove Atlantis Resort. Many saw the sexy Carrie in a bikini showing off her perfect beach body. Carrie is 26 years old and is the champ of American idol. On her vacation she was truly relaxing kissing the dolphins, wading in the water and sunbathing.

The pictures of the hot babe are all over the internet and can be seen on various popular sites. She herself wrote on her fan club website to tell her fans how much she was enjoying on the vacation in Bahamas. She said she wanted to write this so that all the people who would read it would be jealous of her. She told her fans that it was a breezy morning and the sun was bright.

Celebrities on Vacation

Carrie Underwood also wrote that she got herself a bronze colour that day. She is of the opinion that this is the best vacation that she had taken in a very long time. She was showing off her bikini body and also her tattoos. She wore a two piece, beige coloured bikini. She truly was relaxing after finishing the filming of, “Carrie Underwood: An All Star Holiday Special”

Carrie Underwood also performed and hosted a holiday special of two hours on FOX. There were guest stars on the shoe like Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, Kristin Chenoweth, Christina Applegate and David Cook. The show is made by Mike Darnell who is the president of the alternative entertainment at Fox and Simon Fuller. Carrie attempted comedy and also involved her family members; her sister, mother and her dog, thus, making it a family show.

Vacation to Bahama

She showed off her body and looked fit and fine and really having a ball as she mentioned on her site. The videos and the photographs which are making news all over the web before the show truly gave the required boost to the ratings of the show. The American idol star not only enjoyed the vacation thoroughly but looked great also in the bikini. She was also spotted on the beach having a great time. She truly relaxed after the hectic routine and as she rightly mentioned, people knowing about her vacation will be jealous. There are many who surely will be jealous, either seeing her relax or looking at her great body.

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