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Actress and Marilyn Manson squeeze Evan Rachel Wood has ‘All that we see or dream, is but a dream within a dream’ on her back. Not convinced, Evan. We see it… but it looks like a tattoo from here.

She was just a little child at that time. However, she appeared and performed her brilliant acting in a number of series named Once and Again and American Gothic.

However, the film career of the lady could not get started until she appeared on Little Secrets, which was released in 2002.

She became a household name through her acting in 2003 movie ‘Thirteen’.

It was a super hit movie which was also nominated for a Golden Globe award as well. During the later years, the actress was seen in many other movies including Across the Universe, Running with Scissors and Down in the Valley.

After seeing her acting in the above mentioned movies, the famous Guardian wrote a review about the actress where they mentioned that the emerging actress hold unique qualities through which she could adorn her head with the crown of Hollywood.

They mentioned that she was much wiser and intelligent than her age. The lady remained involved with singer Marilyn Manson. In 2010, she got herself engaged with him.

Evan Rachel Tattoo

Evan Rachel Tattoo

There are more than seven tattoos located on the body of young actress which include a black heart, a lightening bolt, a letter, a kanji tattoo and three other things including diamond, blackbird and a strawberry.

Evan Rachel Tattoos

Evan Rachel Tattoos

The blackheart is located on her left thigh, letter J tattoo is located inside her left ankle, and three things diamond, blackbird and strawberry are located inside her right ankle. There are two script lines written on her upper back.

Evan Rachel Tattoos

Evan Rachel Tattoos

I had some people asking me last night what Evan Rachel Wood’s tattoo said, so I did some more searching, and I found it!  It says “All that we see or seem. Is but a dream within a dream.”  It is a quote by Edgar Allen Poe.

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