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Glamour model Katie Price had a crown with “Princess” for her daughter and “Pete” for now ex-hubby Peter Andre inked on her wrist.

But she recently ducked into a tattoo parlor while shopping in Ibiza and had “Pete” visibly crossed out.

What the pro says: “The whole idea [of visibly crossing someone’s name out] is really terrible.” — Dave, OneShot Tattoo.

We’re all supposed to be looking at her new swimwear range, but she doesn’t make it easy that Katie Price, does she?

Posing in a brightly coloured pink and purple one-piece with gold chain effect print, which managed to make Katie’s surgically enhanced boobs look like a pair of beach balls, she also revealed her new garter tattoo.

With as much enthusiasm as her monotone drone could manage she said she was “really excited!” to show it off and loves it.

The 33 year old said: “I am obsessed with underwear, with stockings and suspenders, and so even when that is all taken off, I’ve still got something quite sexy on.”

Katie Price Tattoo

Katie Price Tattoo

The new ink is on her right thigh and currently looks like quite a delicate outline of a lacy suspender garter.

Katie was quick to add that it wasn’t finished, but wouldn’t reveal if she was going to have it coloured in pink (her favourite colour), saying we’d have to wait and see.

Katie Price Tattoo

Katie Price Tattoo

She’s known for her barely-there outfits that leave little to the imagination and has often been seen in something racy that includes saucy suspenders.

But being a busy girl, Katie Price clearly decided that her numerous outfit changes were taking up too much time so she decided make things a little easier.

Katie Price Tattoo

Katie Price Tattoo

And permanently too, as she posted a photo today of the back of her thigh showing off her brand new garter tattoo.

She first hinted at the tattoo when she launched her new swimwear range a month ago but it was just an outline at that stage.

But today, Katie, 33, took to her Twitter page to flaunt her new completed inking to her followers.

And a woman who is clearly proud of her perky derriere, she got a friend to take a snap of the tattoo on her thigh as she also flashed her pink and orange lacy knickers too.

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