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Nicole Richie is a fan of body art and back in 2005 Nicole Richie came second in the ‘Top 25 tattooed celebrities.’

The most popular tattoo of Nicole Richie’s is her rosary bead tattoo on her ankle. Some say this tattoo is to afirm Nicole Richie’s religious beliefs.
I adore the rosary bead tattoo, it actually has alot of detail. I myself have this same tattoo!

A tattoo which usually goes unseen is Nicole Richie’s lower back cross tattoo.
Another tattoo which is rarely pictured on Nicole Richie is a pair of Ballerina slippers on her stomach/pelvis.

It is known that the Lionel Richie song ‘Ballerina Girl’ is dedicated to Nicole Richie so it is rumoured this tattoo is in honour of the song Ballerina Girl.

Another of my favourite Nicole Richie tattoo’s is the pretty bow and ‘Richie’ tattoo written in an old English font on the back of her neck below her hair line.

Nicole Richie has a set of angel wings tattooed on her back.

I love the orangey redish colour of this tattoo, it really goes well with her skin complexion.

Nicole Richie Tattoos

Nicole Richie Tattoos

Some say this tattoo colour is known as “indian summer.”
Nicole has the text ‘Virgin’ written on her wrist. This is believed to be because she is a Virgo.

Nicole Richie Tattoos

Nicole Richie Tattoos

Nicole Richie has a cute shooting star tattoo on her wrist.

Nicole Richie Tattoos

Nicole Richie Tattoos

I really like small tattoo’s on the side of the hand or wrist, i think they are simple and can look unique.

Nicole Richie has a small tiara tattoo on her hip.

Of all Nicole’s tattoo’s this really suprised me, as i only discovered Nicole had this tattoo today whilst researching her tattoo’s, this really suprised me.

I guess i dont know as much as i thought!

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