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When Vanessa Hudgens was in town for New York Fashion Week, everyone was surprised when she stopped by a tattoo parlor and got inked up — but the star is definitely in a transitional phase. “She said it [the tattoo] definitely represents how she’s growing up and moving on,” a source said. She might still be dealing with her split from longtime boyfriend Zac Efron, but with a new movie and a busy social life the star seems to be everywhere these days — and she’s all smiles!

Her new tattoo isn’t the only change we’re seeing with the star. “Even with her style, she’s moving away from the flouncy tops and she’s all about dressing sexy and chic. She’s growing up and she wants people to recognize that,” they said. From the slew of minis she showed off at New York Fashion Week we’re definitely a fan of the new side of Vanessa we’re seeing — especially because she’s stylish yet still age appropriate.

Even though her tattoo is a sign she’s growing up, the butterfly signifies something very personal to the star. “Two weeks before I was born a butterfly landed on my mothers stomach so ever since then the butterfly has been very symbolic to her,” our source said.

Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos

Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos

We don’t really know enough about the teen-celebrity scene to have a real idea of how surprising this revelation should be. However, the fact that someone who gained their fame from staring in the High School Musical series has a big tattoo of a purple and green butterfly on their neck is a bit on the strange side. The Spring Breakers star got the ink because her name derives from the Latin word for butterfly, and probably got it in such a major area in order to break away from her teen-queen image. The actress and singer also has an “Ohm” inked on her hands, which she got during a trip to the tattoo parlor with her buddy Ashley Tisdale. We respect her for getting inked at the risk of losing her career , but we really don’t like her tattoos; they kind of reek of trying too hard.

Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos

Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos

Vanessa Hudgens shows of her new look at the Alice And Olivia Fashion Show in New York.

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