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Like her husband, Victoria Beckham has several tattoos, including one down her spine that says in Hebrew, “I am my love’s and my love is mine, who browses among the lilies.”

Victoria Beckham’s neck tattoo is a love poem written in Hebrew. It’s centered directly over her spine, which shows a “meticulous personality trait that indicates she has to be in control,” Clement says.

This is obviously a big deal for women with short hair, so unless you want to wear a turtleneck in the middle of the summer, make sure you’re ready before getting a tattoo on your neck.

Forget carrying around photographs in your wallet or wearing a necklace as a tribute to your kids; getting a “mommy tattoo” – a tattoo that mothers get in honor of their children – is the new coolest way to give a shout out to your kids, one that has been perpetuated by female celebrities in recent years.

Today, tons of proud mommy stars, from Julia Roberts to Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham, have tattoos inked on their bodies that allow them to keep a reminder of their children with them forever, long after a photograph fades and a necklace gets lost.

One of the most famous celebrity couples who have devoted lots of space on their bodies for children-inspired tattoos are David and Victoria Beckham, the super-couple from Britain that has recently taken the U.S. by storm.

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

While David has gone above and beyond to show his love for his four kids, Victoria has kept it simple and very “Posh Spice.” Check out Victoria Beckhams tattoo on her back to see her low-key, classy tribute to Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Not only has Victoria Beckham pledged her heart to her husband, but she has devoted her wrists to him as well! Victoria Beckham has several wrist tattoos, many of which commemorate her love for her husband, David Beckham, or special milestones in their marriage.

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Victoria Beckhams wrist tattoos aren’t her only tats though; she has also inked up her back and neck with tattoo tributes to her husband and children, including three stars on her back that represent sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. It’s pretty obvious that Victoria Beckham loves her family, but a tattoo in honor of only daughter Harper has been noticeably absent since the baby girl’s birth in July 2011.

Could Victoria Beckham be working up to a new wrist tattoo to celebrate the birth of the baby girl she’s always wanted? Check back with us and we will keep you updated on all Victoria Beckhams tattoos.

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