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She’s a new mother and happily settled with husband Mike Comrie, but Hilary Duff still has a wild side.

The 25-year-old former Lizzie Maguire star proudly tweeted an image of herself getting her sixth tattoo, adding to her already impressive collection.

Hilary went under the needle on Thursday at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, where she got her third piece of body art on her forearm.

The new piece shows a sparrow with the words ‘Stand By Me’ under it.

In addition to her new bird, she has the French phrase ‘ma petite amie’ on the upper right side of her midsection. A female friend got a matching inscription, which translates to ‘my girlfriend’.

She also has the word ‘Shine’ on her right hand middle finger, plus a shining star on the back of her neck just below the hairline.

When it comes to tattoos, Hilary Duff can’t get enough.

Hilary Duff Tattoos

Hilary Duff Tattoos

The former Lizzie McGuire star, who already has several pieces of body art gracing her, well, body has gone under the needle yet again at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

Hilary Duff Tattoos

Hilary Duff Tattoos

The artist who gave Duff her new tattoo later tweeted a shot of his handiwork, a small sparrow with the words “stand by me” underneath it.

Hilary Duff Tattoos

Hilary Duff Tattoos

Duff tweeted the above Instagram pic of herself getting inked and wrote, “dr_woo_ssc pretty bird.”

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