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When you look at the body of 50 Cent, you’ll notice he has more than few tattoos. Since embarking on his acting career, though, he’s made the decision to get rid of the ones located on his right arm because they take so long to cover up with makeup.

But don’t fret. His other tattoos remain intact, including the ones on his back. These are 50 Cents various tattoos, both past and present. If you’re looking for tough male tattoo ideas — using 50 cents ideas isn’t a bad place to start.

50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III) has several tattoos, in fact, probably enough to fill an entire tattoo art gallery.

50 has “Love & Hate” tattooid=”IL_AD3″>belly button, to go along with Jesus and the devil on opposite sides.

On his right bicep is an axe with the name of his son “Marquise” and the word “Warrior”. Plus on the same arm he has the name of his mother “Sabrina” and the words “Ghetto Angel”.

He has an Angel on his left shoulder and just below that is a drawing, which includes a crown and “50” in the center. Plus on the lower portion of his left arm is a cross and the phrase “God Understands Me”.

50 has a huge collage of tattoos on his back, including a giant number “50” in the middle, along with “South Side” on the upper portion, plus the words “Gangsta” and “Cold World” and “G-unit” included within.

50 Cent has had several tattoos removed, and has been quoted as saying “When I first got a tattoo, I was like 19 years old.

Now I regret getting it every time I look at it. It is a constant reminder of the mind frame I had at that age and I definitely had no class.

50 Cent Tattoo

50 Cent Tattoo

What a set of guns he has on him! In this photo of his left bicep, you can clearly see 50’s other 50 tattoo.

Here you can see a part of the name Sabrina, which is the name of 50 Cent’s mother.

50 Cent’s many tattoos have always been a part of the rapper’s image. He’s displayed them prominently on album covers and in magazines throughout his career.

50 Cent Tattoo

50 Cent Tattoo

But the ink that made him stand out in the music world isn’t serving him so well now that 50 Cent the rapper is becoming 50 Cent the rapper-actor. So Curtis Jackson has begun the process of removing many of them with costly laser procedures.

50 Cent is erasing some of his past, literally. The rapper has begun removing most of his tattoos. Turns out, that ink is causing a problem as he turns his focus to acting, “It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up,” 50 Cent says about his decision, which he calls “an ongoing process.” Still, don’t expect him to rid himself of all the ink. His arms may be tattoo free, but 50′s vowed to keep a tattoo on his back.

Jackson has a tattoo of “Marquise” with an axe on his right biceps. “The axe is ’cause I’m a warrior.

I don’t want him to be one, though,” he explains. He also has “50″, “Southside”, and “Cold World” inscribed on his back because “I’m a product of that environment. It’s on my back, though, so it’s all behind me.”

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