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There’s no telling exactly how many tattoos actor Brad Pitt has. Brad lives a very private life, and his tattoos have a very distinct, yet secretive origin.

Unlike his love partner Angelina, Brad stays pretty quiet about the significance of his ink. The following Brad Pitt tattoos are his most popular and sought after designs.
Back Tattoo

Brad’s latest back tattoo created quite a media frenzy with great speculation on the meaning behind the lines. The sketched linear pattern consists of several small choppy lines with seemingly no relation to one another. Many theories quickly developed behind the unique and modern tattoo.

The first theory was that Brad’s tattoo signified the downed levees that caused the New Orleans catastrophe after Hurricane Katrina made waves.

Brad Pitt was very involved in the relief of Hurricane Katrina victims, and even backed the “Make it Right” project which benefited those who lost their homes and were displaced after the devastation of the hurricane.

Brad Pitt Tattoos

Brad Pitt Tattoos

The “Make it Right” project funded the construction of new, environmentally friendly green homes for the victims of the Katrina disaster.

Another theory behind Brad’s back tattoo was that the lines portrayed the city streets that made the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Brad Pitt Tattoos

Brad Pitt Tattoos

Onlookers turned to city maps to check the placement and pattern of the lines. Although both theories were unique and quite intelligent, they were both crushed when Angelina Jolie later admitted in an exclusive interview that she sketched the tattoo on Brad’s back out of pure boredom.

Angie claimed that Brad loved the temporary design she sketched and had it inked permanently.

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