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Taylor Lautner is cringing after signing a “Twilight” superfan’s arm at a recent promotional event after learning she permanently inked his autograph on her flesh.

The actor was greeting a long line of fans and was left speechless when one girl showed off impressive skin art on her forearm: a giant Wolf Pack tattoo in honor of his werewolf character in the vampire franchise.

Lautner agreed to write on her skin but was shocked to learn she’d had the autograph tattooed on to her the day after.

He explains, “That’s dedication. She’s like, ‘Can you sign it right here?’ and I was like, ‘OK…’ I’ll make sure to do my best signature.”

“And (co-star) Kristen (Stewart) predicted it that night. She was like, ‘I bet that fan’s gonna tattoo your signature on her arm.’ And I was like, ‘Nooo!’ Sure enough, the next day (she did).”

We were at a big fan event, and there’s thousands of fans.  We walk around signing autographs, and they usually don’t have something to sign, so they stick out their hand or arm for you to sign.

Taylor Lautner Tattoos

Taylor Lautner Tattoos

So I’m going down the line signing arms…and I get to an arm that has a gigantic wolf pack tattoo.  And I’m like, “Is that real?”  And she goes, “Yeah, feel it.”  And I go, “Yeah, okay, it’s real.”  And she goes, “Can you sign right below it?  Like, right here?”  And I was like: please don’t tell me she’s going to tattoo this to her.

Sure enough, the very next day, I get a call from a buddy saying, “Did you sign somebody’s arm?  Because it’s tattooed to her now.”  I didn’t know whether to feel bad or [think] that’s cool.

Taylor Lautner Tattoos

Taylor Lautner Tattoos

Crazed Twi-hard Teresa Welbourn was lucky enough to grab the 18-year-old actor’s autograph at Monday’s Sydney Luna Park Q&A.

And she was damn sure she wasn’t going to let it rinse off in the shower – getting it permanently tattooed to her body.

The fan already had the wolf pack’s official tattoo on her arm, which stunned Lautner and Kristen Stewart when they met her.

In an interview with Merrick, Dools and Ricki-Lee, Lautner mentioned signing the tattoo and Kristen predicted it would be made permanent – a thought that freaked the teen star out!

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