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Ahhh man… that tattoo that you got because you were, what do they call it? Oh, in love! Dammit man, that’s too much! I actually read somewhere that more often than not, people that get tattoos of their lover do so in a whirlwind romance that eventually fails.

So why in the world would you ever consider it?

For the masses of you that have an ex’s name carved into your body, I feel for you. Not because you’re and idiot but because there was a time that I considered doing it too, so I kinda understand the moment and the euphoria that’s involved but the only difference is: I DIDN’T DO IT!

When you hear that Nick and Mariah got each other’s names tattooed on their body as a symbol of their undying six weeks of love, you assume that they’re small to medium tattoos of the type that are regrettable but easily lasered off or covered over after an inevitable break up.

Johnny Depp had his “Winona Forever shoulder tattoo altered to read “Wino Forever” and Angelina Jolie had her “Billy Bob” tattoo removed and replaced with the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces.

The disparity between Nick Cannon’s tattoo for Mariah Carey and Mariah’s “Mrs. Cannon” tattoo is huge, though. Hers is easily covered up and is hard to see.

She has a small butterfly at the base of her spine with “Mrs. Cannon” in script as the center line of the butterfly. It’s nearly impossible to see and you can’t tell that the center of the butterfly is actual writing unless you’re right up close.

Nick Cannon Tattoos

Nick Cannon Tattoos

Nick Cannon has “Mariah” tattooed across his entire upper back in giant half-cursive writing with a mirror image of the tattoo beneath it like a reflection.

Nick Cannon Tattoos

Nick Cannon Tattoos

That is going to be super painful to remove. What’s more is that these two got the tattoos right after they met each other, because Mariah told People it had been a “few weeks” since they had the tattoos done and they’ve only been together for six weeks.

Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy also got tattoos for each other almost immediately, and look how that worked out for them.

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