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We can’t deny that Usher is pretty fit, even if he did bring us Justin Bieber.

He has an array of 5 tattoos, the wackiest is a break dancer who is doing a head spin on his right shin – street!

He also has his name inked onto one of his bicep’s in a cool graffiti font with a sword going through it – just in case he ever forgets who he is.

Usher’s left sleeve tattoo is meant to have a special meaning behind it; rumours have it that it’s a message to his ex wife, Tameka Foster Glover Raymond.

The design is said to be an image of the Roman goddess “Lady Justice.”

Does this mean justice in love will prevail in Usher’s case? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Usher is sporting a brand new tatt, which he proudly revealed while on the red carpet of the Vegas Mag event. The streets are buzzing that he may have done it as a message to his future ex-wife, Tameka Foster Glover Raymond.

Is that the “Scales of Justice”? Dayum….Usher ain’t playing!

Usher Tattoos

Usher Tattoos

That means, Tameka will finally get her day in court under a judge that (hopefully) isn’t financially connected in anyway to the legal counsel for her ex-husband.

And from what I understand, all orders previously issued under Judge Lane, (ie the order for Usher to maintain “Primary custody”) will be re-tried under another judge.

Usher Tattoos

Usher Tattoos

I’m happy for Tameka. Hopefully she will get the legal recourse she seeks and the son’s of the couple can gain some type of stability.

Joint custody isn’t a bad thing… considering it’s what they had before USHER filed seeking sole custody.

Hopefully the two can finally manage to co-parent instead of battling each other.

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