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Singer Pink has several tattoos, including a barcode on her neck, a bird on her back, and “Sir Corky Moore” on her arm that is rumored to be a tribute to a deceased family member.

Musician Pink likes ink. She has an intricately designed dragon on her left leg.

Pink sports several tattoos, including the word “Help” inked on her right arm.

Meanings: 1. Japanese symbol above left ankle (good luck) .
2. Japanese symbol above left foot (happiness).
3. Chinese symbol above right ankle (infinity) .
4. Guardian Angle on left shoulder/back.
5. Dog tags for her brother and dad around her right ankle .
6. “What Goes Around Comer Around” around her right wrist .
7. “Mr. Pink” on her left inner thigh .
8. Red star on her left hand .
9. Frog on her left foot .
10. The symbol for love with a red heart in front of it, on her lower stomach.

Pink Tattoos

Pink Tattoos

11. “1 9879-11200-1 3” – bar code on the back of her neck
12. “Tru Luv” on her right wrist
13. Red heart on her right big toe
14. Dragon on her left thigh
15. Symbol on her left foot
16. Another symbol on her left foot
17. “Sir Corky Moore” (and a date) on her left arm
18. Razor blade on her inner left wrist
19. Red heart on her left big toe
20. Broken heart on inside of left elbow
21. Tribal inspired musical note behind left ear
22. Portrait of her dog Elvis inside left arm
23. and A bow in the back of each thigh
25. Some poem or writing on her left arm under the tattoo of Elvis her dog.

Pink Tattoos

Pink Tattoos

The Raise Your Glass hitmaker has an array of body art including depictions of her pet dogs and husband Carey Hart, but she claims she can’t stand most of her inkings and would get them all removed if it was easy.

She said: “I don’t like tattoos. If I had an eraser, whoosh. I can explain every single one of ’em and have a good laugh. But if I could start over, I’d do just one big back piece and have a clean [front]. I’m into balance.”

The 33-year-old pop star is adamant she won’t be getting her daughter Willow Sage’s name inked on her any time soon, and revealed she got her first tattoo when she was just 12 and her mother “freaked out” when she discovered what she’d done.

Pink Tattoos

Pink Tattoos

She added to The New Review Independent newspaper supplement: “I have all kinds of Japanese kanji down there. One is my very first one when I was 12. My mom didn’t know; she freaked out; she was always freaking out.

“It says, ‘Good luck and happiness.’ Then my mom and I got matching ones – her first, when she was 55! Mine says, ‘Mother.’ Then there’s ‘Strength’ and ‘The will to live.’ ”

Pink is known to have at least 22 cool tats, but the exact number is unknown. She has many different styles and sizes of tattoos, and has not chosen to stick to one theme or particular tattoo style. Pink also shows no signs of stopping, and has been quoted as saying she definitely plans on getting more tattoos.

In fact, Pink has said that there’s only one tattoo she won’t get – and that’s a tat of her husband Carey Hart’s name. He has many tattoos as well, and many of Pink’s name – but she feels that getting a tattoo of her husband’s name is not her thing.

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