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Pearl Harbor actress Jaime King has said her tattoos are souvenirs from her years of “teenage angst” and hates having to spend hours in makeup covering them up for film roles.

Jaime King regrets her tattoos only in the middle of the night. “There have been times where I had to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning because I had to be on set two hours extra so they could cover them,” she explains with a laugh.

“But that’s the only downside.” King—she of the “silky blond hair, the shining blue eyes, the perfectly imperfect teeth—has packed a whole lotta life into her 29 years.

Born in Omaha, NE, she started modeling at 14, got her first tattoo at 15, and, over the next several years, walked runways around the globe, graced countless magazine covers, became addicted to heroin, kicked the habit, and dated her share of bad boys (most notably Kid Rock).

She’s appeared in nearly 20 movies, including two with comic book legend Frank Miller: Sin City, in which she played twins Wendy and Goldie, and The Spirit, in which she appeared as Lorelei Rox.

If that weren’t enough to earn her a spot in the INKED Hall of Fame, the selfdescribed “comic book geek” appears next in the 3-D remake of the slasher flick My Bloody Valentine and in the Star Wars-themed comedy Fanboys (directed by her husband, Kyle Newman).

Jaime King Tattoos

Jaime King Tattoos

She’s calm and funny as she lounges in her Los Angeles home with her two Shiba Inu dogs, Peter and Wendy (named after the Peter Pan characters), and tells INKED about her career and her next tattoo.

I got my first one when I was really young—15. I got a fairy on the middle of my lower back. My girlfriend and I went and got them on St. Mark’s Place in New York. I’ve always loved tattoos.

Jaime King Tattoos

Jaime King Tattoos

I’ve always thought it was another great way for people to demonstrate their artistry. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved art.

So I thought, What’s the big deal? It’s just art on your skin. I told my dad that it was a fake tattoo when he saw it. He believed me at first. I leaned over and he saw it. I told him it was a stick-on tattoo because I was so afraid I was going to get into really big trouble.

When did he find out the truth?

About a month later. He saw it again and I was like, I’m not going to get away with this story again. He was pretty mad, but he got over it. Then I got another fairy on my back next to the other fairy, and that was a bigger piece.

That one I had done in Nebraska in Omaha, where I’m from. I’ve always been attracted to angels and fairies—anything mystical and magical. I love the idea that there are other things out there, other than what we see. Like something greater out there.

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