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Tommy Lee, Mötley Crüe  drummer and Methods of Mayhem founder, has “Mayhem” inked across his abs.

What the pro says: “It’s surrounded by some pretty lame tattoos. But you have to admit that ‘Mayhem’ is pretty epic.” — Dave, One Shot Tattoo.

Tommy Lee owes much of his popularity to his wives and female partners in general. As everyone already knows, he has been Pamela Anderson’s husband for a few years.

Pam is not the only reason of his popularity, but probably the most relevant one.

His marriage with the Baywatch sexy Star (the most successful playboy cover-girl ever) got unintentional advertisement through a worldwide known pornographic home video realized by the couple during their honeymoon and then stolen from their house and sold all over the world.

They officially broke up a few times before divorcing in 1998.

Just for the record, Tommy Lee is also a musician, drummer and founding member of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe and rap-metal band Methods of Mayhem.

People started talking about Tommy Lee Tattoos in 1996 as he attacked a Jewish photographer and revealed a shocking swastika tattoo on his arm.

Tommy Lee Tattoo

Tommy Lee Tattoo

That tattoo has since been removed or covered from many others and nobody talks about it anymore. Lee’s lawyer stated that the swastika was nothing more than a stupid tattoo of a rock star, it never was a reflection of Lee’s views.

Tommy Lee Tattoo

Tommy Lee Tattoo

Tommy Lee has got the name of their two children, Brandon and Dylan, tattooed on his wrists. He had both his boys write their names out, brought those signatures to his tattooist and got them inked.

Some more Tommy Lee’s tattoos: a huge Mayhem tattoo inscription is well visible on his stomach, an ex-girlfriend’s lips are tattooed on his neck, two tattoo stars on his hands and he has a huge tribal design covering his whole back.

But there is much more: a Dragon Head tattoo on his right biceps, a little white daisy tattoo on his left shoulder, a big cat, I think a cheetah, tattooed on his right arm, two huge tribal lion heads on his breast.

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