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Adam Noah Levine is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. He’s the vocalist for the pop rock group Maroon 5. Born in March 18, 1979,   Los Angeles, California to Jewish his parents Fred Levine and Patsy Noah. Levine has Jewish bloodline on both parent, but according to The Jewish Chronicle who interviewed Levine he rejected formal religious practice but considers Jewish as more-generalized way of life.

With his band Maroon 5, Levine raise his name into a fame, won 3 Grammy award, and sold over 10 million album in US and 15 million worldwide. Lately, he also a coach in the Voice reality show.

But since it’s tattoos site, so we’ll talk about Adam Levine Tattoos. And this is a few information I gathered about Adam Levine Tattoos.

Adam Levine tattoos dwell of triple 2′s on his forearm. This intends the first studio room number Maroon 5 recorded in. The shark represents his nickname, the paw print is for Frankie, the city name of his home town, Los Angeles on his shoulder. The dove and cherry blossoms was something he had done in remembrance of 9/11. He has a guitar on his forearm, a big tiger on his other. The “x” is the Romanist numeric for ten which he and jesse assembled when SAJ hit platinum it was also their ten year anniversary as a banda.

Adam Levine Tattoos

Adam Levine Tattoos

The ‘Los Angeles’ tattoo you previously saw belongs to none other than Maroon 5 vocalist/guitarist Adam Levine! The inked-out, dreamy pop-rocker has a special adoration for L.A., where he grew up, so he decided to pay tribute to the city and get it stamped permanently on his arm in black, cursive lettering.

Adam Levine Tattoos

Adam Levine Tattoos

As you can see, Levine has a plethora of other tattoos aside from the homage to Los Angeles. He also has a tiger imprinted on his right arm, a shark on his right side, plus many, many more. At the rate he’s going, we wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘Misery’ singer has a full sleeve on his right arm in a few short years! After all, there’s no room left on his other arm!

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