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The small Canary Island of Lanzarote is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Spain.  Attracting over 1.5 million foreign tourists every year.  The bulk of them from Britain and Eire – who account for well over 60% of all tourist visits made to the island.

The key to Lanzarote´s popularity as a holiday destination lies in the fact that this island located just seventy miles off the coast of Africa enjoys a great climate all year round.  So even in the depths of winter when Northern Europe is shivering, visitors are able to enjoy a beach holiday in the sun here.  As temperatures average 20 Celsius all year round – even during December and January.

Lanzarote was first conquered by the Spanish in the early 1400´s – and rapidly became an important strategic trading post between the New World and the Old.  As Spanish galleons crossed the Atlantic with Inca silver and returned with African slaves.  Stopping off at Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands to refuel and restock.

During the 1730´s Lanzarote was subjected to one of the modern world’s longest ever volcanic eruptions.  Which buried around a third of the island in a sea of molten lava.  Destroying some of the best farming land on the island and forcing many Lanzaroteños to flee and start a new life elsewhere.


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Today Lanzarote´s volcanic landscape is one of its chief attractions for visitors.  With the Timanfaya Volcano Park drawing in around one million visitors every year.  Drawn to the eerie landscape which is often likened to the surface of the moon.  Indeed NASA astronauts were apparently shown photos of the volcano park in order to prepare them for their Apollo moon landing missions.

Tourism first took off on the island back in the 1970´s – when Lanzarote became established as a unique new destination, attracting VIP visitors and international plaudits for the architectural achievements of a locally born artist called Cesar Manrique.  Who fused art with nature to create a unique series of tourist attractions around the island.  Whilst also campaigning for the sensitive evolution of tourism on the island.

Thanks to Manrique the island today remains largely unspoiled – despite it’s popularity as a holiday destination.  As high rise buildings are banned and the island´s three main tourist resorts are all well contained.

Accommodation on the island is also of a high standard.  There are hundreds of hotels in Lanzarote for visitors to select from – with the best concentrated in the southern resort of Playa Blanca.

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