Top Tips for a Cheap European Travel (Part I), Cheap European Travel Tips

Europe is the preferred and a dream destination for every traveler. But traveling to European destinations these days can cost too much money unless you know how to get great deals on everything. Avoid traveling during the peak season to save money. In Europe, traveling, staying, food, and medical expenses can be high, so get early advance information of how you can save on these expenses. There are many ways that you can save and still be able to take that dream vacation to Europe with your family!

The internet can be a great tool to gather information about how and where to get cheap travel bookings, which route will cost you less, which are the seasons to travel to save much money, and so on.

Travel Agencies
There are travel agencies that will offer discounted airfares if you book early. Even the airliners themselves offer great discount prices on selected routes or during selected months. You can also get discount family fares and there may be other discounted fares for young children. You can travel to some European gateway hub cities, like London or Dublin, and from there, you can get cheap airfares to other European destinations. A round-trip ticket will usually cost less than the normal rate. Also, a stopover in these hub cities will be a great way to see the attractions in that city cheaply!
Cheap European TravelStaying In Europe
Instead of staying in expensive beachside hotels or in downtown hotels in expensive European cities, you may save a lot if you rent an apartment or live in low-cost but clean hotels just a distance away from those tourist attractions. You may also find more beautiful destinations in those areas if you ask the local citizens. Tourists usually travel only to the major attractions offered by the European travel destinations, but there are many other equally beautiful places to see. Those unfrequented destination may also be cheaper than the major tourist attractions.

Eating in good low-cost restaurants and visiting the affordable pubs and bars will save you more money. The quality of food and drinks are always comparable to the best in town, and whereas the bigger hotels have bigger rates, the smaller hotels have similar quality that costs lot less.

Traveling In Europe
Taking a train or a bus is also quite inexpensive compared to traveling in a taxi or hiring a car. You will usually get inexpensive train passes in major European cities like London that will be usable on the local buses also. Staying in a suburb town instead of near the city center, for example, in London, will save so much money that you can easily take another trip from the saved money! Ask the locals, or check in the city guides, and you will find the best affordable places to live and to visit. In Europe, there are many cheaper routes you can take to many great travel destinations.

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  1. vaniah dominic on February 7th, 2009 11:56 am

    thank you very much this was very helpful. with all the recession and stuff i did’nt think i could keep my promise to my kids about going to europe but after reading this article im reconsidering….thank you very much

  2. Maggie on February 26th, 2009 3:02 pm

    Europe is the preferred and a dream destination for every traveler.

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