Whitepod Switzerland, Exclusive Resort at Swiss Alps, Ecological Whitepod Mountain

Whitepod is an exclusive resort, unique and ecological. Distinctive pods offer unprecedented accommodation at the camp. Alpine living is redefined at the mountain refuge. Numerous activities are available throughout the resort, including a ski resort opened just for guests, night and day. Far from crowds, yet with the highest standard of style, comfort and service, Whitepod offers an unforgettable mountain experience. Simply unique, absolutely exclusive.

Pod Technology: The pods have been designed with two main concerns in mind, impact on the environment and comfort of guests. For the environment; covered with white canvas in the winter and green in the summer, the pods blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Pitched on a raised wooden platform, they have little contact with the grounds so they can be taken down at any time without leaving any trace.  For the guests; each pod has a private front terrace offering uninterrupted views of the Alps. Wood burning stoves combined with the latest insulation technology keep them comfortably warm, day and night.  In case of a snow storm, the pod frames can withstand a snowfall of 45 lbs/sq ft with winds of up to 130 mph.

Whitepod Swiss AlpsIsolated in the Swiss Alps, yet offering the highest level of comfort and service, the Whitepod resort is the ideal place to host a corporate event. Whitepod resort consits of a camp, a mountain refuge and a vast area of pristine nature offering a wide range of exhilarating activities.

Fitness & Yoga: Living amongst nature, away from crowds and busy streets, is a soothing experience in itself. To this, add an traditional alpine refuge isolated amidst a pristine Alpine environment, surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains and you arrive at the Whitepod resort, an ideal base to revive body and soul.

Active Discovery programmes are designed by resident trainer. Based at the Whitepod mountain refuge, each programme embraces the surrounding nature to make your experience unique: yoga sessions around the campfire at sunset, running trails along the local peaks and fitness sessions on the refuge terrace.

Whitepod Contact Address:
Les Cerniers
Batt. Postale 681
1871 Les Giettes

Reservations & Enquiries
Whitepod Telephone:  +41 24 471 38 38

You can get detailed information at Whitepod resort’s web site.

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