Port Aventura Theme Park Spain, Spain Vacations with Kids

If you feel yourself marooned to the monotonous life, change is inevitable for your. A deep and fresh breath in the vivid part of Spain will help you to discharge yourself. Trying to catch the blissful moments, you can just think about Port Aventura Theme Park in Spain. You can join in as a single, with your partner, or you can arrange this tour to share the happiness with your children.

The Port Aventura Theme Park opened in 1995 is situated in Salou on the Costa Dorauda.  There are many areas to ride. In El Triangulo de las Bermudas, enjoy the pleasure of sun and pool. Also, you can be involved in Bahama Beach. Additionally, there are areas named as The Mambo Limbo, El Tifon, El Rio Loco, El Torrente, Barracudas, and La Laguna de Woody. Shows are also available in Port Aventura Park. For example, China Town, Bubble Bou, Aves del Paraiso, Aloha Tahiti, Xu xop Xou, Isla Buffet, and Penitence Train Band. The theme park consists of several themed lands, these being China, Mexico, Polynesia, The Far West and Mediterranean.

The other beauty of Port Aventura is the Beach Club. Sunlight does not leave you in Port Aventura. Require for relaxation will bring you to the side of pools. Besides, water activities like aqua gym, aqua aerobics, and beach volley. Restaurants and shops are also available in Port Aventura.

Accommodation facilities in Port Aventura are the other aspect provided for its guests. There are many hotels named as Hotel El Paso, Hotel Port Aventura, and Hotel Caribe etc.

All in all, for an enchanting hours you just need to dream Port Aventura. Come and feel the peace in the deep of your soul.

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  3. Eva on February 25th, 2009 3:09 pm

    All in all, for an enchanting hours you just need to dream Port Aventura. Come and feel the peace in the deep of your soul.:)

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    I booked a holiday with portaventura holidays , which was great value. I booked my flight and hotel all in one package. I recommend it ..

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