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Bonjour! The city of dreams… You are about to go to the most romantic place on Earth—France! France has all the places that one would love to go to, for whatever purpose you may have for your trip. This country is blessed with sights and food that you will enjoy with the one you love and with your family as well. So if you are a big fan of art, cuisine, and fashion, fly off to France!

But to make the most out of France, you need to plan your stay there for at least a week, for there so much to see and learn from there. The people, their language and culture are one of the major highlights of the place. You see, France itself is a work of art. Talented artists have their works there recognized and get their major influence and inspiration from there. One of which is the Louvre Museum, where the ever famous Monalisa and other distinct works of Leonardo Da Vinci and other famous artists are found. Or maybe the Cathedral of Chartres, which has been famous for its religious and historic pictures that one can gaze upon to get to know more of France.

Musee d’ Orsay is also one of the interesting museums to visit, which is by the way a former train station. The ever famous castle of Louis XIV, Chataeu de Versailles, which highlights the attractive museums and garden view are really perfect for sight seeing. And of course, who can ever forget that famous Eiffel Tower, an iron tower that you can explore in different floors where you can get to see and experience different stalls like dining, and animated window scenes and a lot more while you get to have a perfect glimpse of the whole Paris. A breathtaking moment is truly experienced in this tower, so don’t miss it.

Loire Valley-FranceAside from the aesthetic places that you can visit in France, there are also places there that you can visit that might catch your interest. There is the Loire Valley that you can visit to experience that countryside view. You may also try and visit the French Chateaux and get to know the more about its historic value. Claude Monet’s Gardens of Giverny is also a place to see the roots and interests of the famous painter Monet.

The Vaux le Vicomte can also be your place to be at to see pictures of all the wonderful gardens and the roots of Nicolas Fouquet. And don’t fail to visit the Le Mont-Saint-Michel, the famous abbey in a village which is built on a large rock found in the water. And who can ever miss out the Disneyland in Paris where the whole family can enjoy that wonderland adventure with Mickey and friends.

France is indeed a country that has preserved its culture which is noted internationally and has been an object of every person’s dream to go there. It is a place of peace and it is indeed a place where you can fall in love with. It is a place to die for indeed.

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