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Meursault is a French wine place in the region Burgund, Département Côte d’Or. The municipality has 1598 inhabitants (conditions 1999), is on a height of 243 m ue. NN and has a surface of 1622 hectares. Meursault lies approx.. south of Beaune and borders in the south on Puligny Montrachet and Blagny as well as northwest on Monthélie and north of 7 km on Volnay.

Meursault is part of the Côte de Beaune. The inhabitants are called Murisaltiens. One receives first written mention as viticulture place in a deed of donation from the year 1098 of duke Odo Ith to the monastery Cîteaux. In Meursault grow some the largest weissweine of the world. The price of a bottle is rarely below 15 euro, which move middle price level with 25 to 35 euro per bottle (conditions 2005).


Meursault (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée since 21 May 1970) has 17 Prime Minister Cru situations. Are cultivated almost exclusively weissweine from the Rebsorte Chardonnay. The yield is limited for the normal place Appellation to 45 Hektoliter / Hektar. By special arrangements the yield may around max. 20% more highly lie. The average harvest quantity is with approx.. 16500 hl/year, which is harvested on a surface by 437 hectares. In addition become approx.. 600 hl red wine on a surface harvested by 15,60 hectares. The minimum alcohol content amounts to 10,5° for the weisswein. In the case of an artificial enrichment by drying sugar (Chaptalisation) a maximum alcohol content is specified, which is with 13,5°. In the case Prime Minister of a Cru situation lies the minimum alcohol content with 11° and the maximum with 14°.

Appellation Meursault Prime Minister Cru. The Prime Minister Cru situations (altogether 132 hectares) are: Les Cras, Les Caillerets, Les Santenots Blancs, Les Plures, Les Santenots you environment, charm, La Jeunelotte, La Pièce Sous le Bois, Sous le DOS D’âne, Sous Blagny, Les Perrières, Clos of the Perrières, Les Genevrières, Poruzots,Le Poruzot, Les Bouchères, Les Gouttes d’Or.

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  1. Alex on September 3rd, 2009 10:01 pm

    Every time I go to visit this area I get so carried away that i forget to come here. I have heard to many good things about their wines and just the experience of being there so next time i will be sure to make it the first thing that I will do.

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