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It is an important task to search for a place for your honeymoon or for your vacation with your love. While looking many alternatives for your vacation, you will see that Newport Beach is among the most romantic places in United States. If you plan your honeymoon or want to make a surprise to your sweetie, you will find everything about romance in Newport Beach. Each step you take in Newport Beach will show you that the environment is the right address for romance.

One of the best things you can do is walking around the Marine Avenue on Balboa Island and feeling the happiness of your love in your heart. In addition, you can go to Balboa Fun Zone and live entertaining moments there. Another romantic thing to do in Newport Harbour is taking a gondola ride. While wandering around by gondola, you can share the beauty of nature with your honey.

What about nights in Newport Beach? Without any doubt, a romantic dinner is the best part of the day when your love is in the apex. Bayside Restaurant or the Aubergine in Orange County is the most romantic restaurants to have a dinner. At the end of the romantic dinner, you can take a walk to the beach and watch the sunrise. The scenery of sunset and sunrise are so pretty that you try not to leave there without experiencing it.

Newport Beach offers you the luxury and comfort of Spa. With its relaxing effect, you will beautify your day while taking deep breath.

To come to the conclusion, you will be satisfied after you leave the city and do not forget your most romantic vacation. It will be your first destination when you advice your friends a romantic and wonderful vacation.

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