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New Years in Venice is an event unlike any other celebration in the world.

It is truly a unique night and one that you will certainly never forget; it is a spectacle that will live in your heart forever.

Venice is widely considered Italy’s most romantic city, making it a dream destination for couples across the world.

However, with the beautiful atmosphere created on New Year’s, the romance in the air is intensified and can be felt all across the city.

Many Italian families enjoy spending the early part of their New Year Eve celebration dining at a nice restaurant.

It is suggested to make reservations well in advance if you desire a dining out experience, due to the thousands that will be flooding to the city of Venice.

However, it will be well worth your time, as many restaurants in Venice go all out with huge feasts for this occasion, offering a wide variety of authentic foods and wines.

After enjoying a top quality meal, the celebration is under way and if you have never experienced an event of this magnitude, you are in for a special treat and a truly unique experience.

Many restaurants in Venice go all out with huge feasts on New Year’s Eve, starting around 9:00 and lasting until midnight. Although expensive, they tend to be very good with many courses and lots of wine. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time.

Many restaurants will be closed on New Year’s day, however. You can usually expect pizza places, hotel restaurants, and Chinese restaurants to be open.

St Mark’s Square has a huge celebration with music, a giant fireworks display, bellini brindisi(toast), and a huge group kiss at midnight. The group kiss is also held in Piazza Ferretto in Mestre.

New Year’s Concert, Concerto di Capodanno, at La Fenice Theater is performed on December 30, December 31, and January 1.

Following the December 31 performance (4PM), there’s a huge New Year’s party starting at 8PM with welcome drinks, dinner, and midnight toast. There’s also a Venice Golden Opera New Year’s Eve concert at the Scuola Grande dei Carmini at 7:30PM.

On New Year’s Day, many bathers take a chilling dip in the waters of Venice’s Lido Beach. That’s one way to get over your hangover!



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