Best Haunted Houses in America for Hallowen, Best Halloween Vacation Destinations

Every Halloween it is in the tradition of some families to visit haunted houses. Make this a tradition in your family as well. Visit one of these top three haunted homes in America. As you will read, their stories are really spooky. Most old houses where tragedies have occurred are said to be haunted. However, some of them are scarier than the rest.

Built way back in 1794 by one General David Bradford, one of the greatest haunted house, perhaps the top haunted house in the whole of America, is the Myrtles Plantation. Located at Saint Francisville, in West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, this plantation style house is said to be haunted by a number of ghosts. One of them is of Chloe, a slave girl at the plantation. There are various theories about the ill treatment of Chloe at the plantation and how she tried to get a bit of her own back and poisoned a few family members.  Other legends say a naked Indian girl haunts the plantation. Mysterious figures and shapes often show up in photos. Many guests at the Myrtles have also claimed to have sighted the ghosts. If you want to be scared out of your wits this Halloween, the Myrtles is perhaps the best place to stay at. You can get detailed information about Myrtles Plantation at

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Another great haunted house in the United States is the LaLaurie House, in old New Orleans. Here you can often hear the clanking of chains of the old slaves who were kept here. You can hear doors slamming and slaves and servants running about. The mistress of the house too sometimes appears. This house in one of the most haunted cities in the United States is well worth a visit by those in search of a scary adventure. You are bound to hear the voices of slaves and their moaning if you listen hard enough. In any case the old quarters of New Orleans is itself worth a visit by any ghost lover.

The Whaley house located at San Diego, California, is built on a cemetery. This has perhaps been the source of the many ghosts that have been sighted there. Many people have observed windows opening mysteriously and smelled cigar smoke when there was no cigar. Also, they have felt a mysterious energy in parts of the house. You can tour this property either in the day time or more appropriately at night. There are organized “Ghost Hunting” tours, with sophisticated equipment like EMF and Audio recorders for E.V.P., that happen once a month at the house and during the Halloween, the house reaches its spooky peak!

Choose one of these three haunted houses to visit this Halloween.

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