New York City Guide, Things To Do In New York, New York City Vacations

Visiting one of the world’s most enjoyed city, New York, will be a perfect experience for its visitors. In the capital city of the advertising, fashion, financial, and artistic, you will feel that the environment is not similar with the other cities. The City of New York is really five cities including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

It will be hard for you to decide where to start sightseeing, but here we begin the description of Central Park. Central Park is known for its unique statues, playgrounds, views and free events during the summer. In Central Park, there are museums, sport centres, pools, and a zoo. Standing on Liberty Island in New York Harbour, The Statue of Liberty is the most recognisable icon of New York. The photos you will take around this wonder are countless.

New York CityCalled as a “city within the city”, Rockefeller Centre consists of 19 office and commercial buildings covering 11 acres in midtown Manhattan. Rockefeller Centre is a national historic landmark. The most dramatic and beautiful building that makes up the New York City skyline is Chrysler Building. One of New York City’s main tourist attractions, Empire State Building offers its visitors not to leave New York City without taking a bird’s-eye view.

Being a city as a never sleeping, New York has the best nightlife you have ever seen. It has Cabaret shows, bars, discos, gay bars, and karaoke bars. There is a salsa-place with live music and downstairs you can dance to house, R&B and other genres.

What about accommodation in New York City. Undoubtedly, it has an easy answer in this perfect city. Ritz Carlton New York Central Park, with a residential feel, with French limestone walls, inlaid onyx floors, antique chandeliers, and a notable art collection, is the address of comfort. With its easy access to must-see areas and its residential warmth, The Barclay New York is an icon of luxury for elegance seekers. Located on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street, The Peninsula New York provides views of Manhattan.

To sum up, to mention the wonder you live in, you only need to go to New York. Feeling the speciality of 5 stars town, you will understand why New York City is named as unique.

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