Top 3 Destinations of South America, Vacation to Chile, Colombia and French Guiana

Though the northern part has been having vertical ascension with years, the southern counterpart of America has remained largely untouched, thanks to the sheer magnanimity of Mother Nature and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans bordering the continent. But now, that globalization has arrived as the defining thing of the world, technical innovations are starting to creep up here too. Still, the tourists are ever tempted to taste the soils of South America and owing to their consistent venture into the lands here, there have been surveys and counter surveys to mark out the places one would like to visit most.

The three countries to rule the researches are Chile, Colombia and French Guiana.

Chile, a country almost bisected by Atacama Desert has been gaining in tourism stature, thanks to its wonder city Santiago. It is there where you may get spacious hotels sitting in the lap of nature and go for river rafting without any worry in the world. The pristine glory of desert sands makes a statement in tandem with the Incan museums built in gold. The Easter Islands, which is the hallmark of the country, stands out.

Colombia too, is a country widely circling around its capital Bogota. It has a cumulation of rain forests keeping the weather very pleasant and the mountains gel very well with the churches in a perfect scene. Its creator Simon Bolivar’s house is a hot tourist place and so is the gold museum. The country, much like its other neighbours of the continent, lives and sinks in football and coffee.

French Guiana weaves itself through an abundance of islands falling in the Pacific Ring of Fire. The sea and sand and everything related to the island are so natural that one feels timeless at times. The notorious Devil’s Island is a part of it, and so is a rare collection of wildlife.

What separates and in effect joins these three countries is the tribal touch, as all of them have heavily been under the tribal dominance for thousands of years. Now that very rural feel pacifies you into an untrodden slumber, you find yourself peeping close of the Nature’s grip.

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