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The land of Flamenco, bull fights, and fantastic beaches, Spain can offer you with so much more. Spain is located at the Iberian Peninsula just southwest of Europe. Spain owns the Canary Islands on the Atlantic and the Balearic Islands on the Mediterranean. It is the third country in Europe in extension and is fifth among the largest in population. It is visited by 45 million visitors per year, and is a fascinating country to discover and to discover more.

Spain is one of the cultural centers of Europe; it has been for thousands of years. So what’s attracting so much people to visit it? Let’s find out.

Spain is composed of coastlines, World Heritage cities, National Parks and cultural spots. Fiestas, events, arts and culture, food, nature, sports, and wine routes are just some of the things you can do to enjoy Spain and its heritage. But first things first, plan your trip.

Spain VacationsThe best time to visit Spain is May, June, August and September. You’ll expect good weather and avoid extreme heat. The best time is the Seaman Santa (or Holy Week) just before Easter. Pack lightly extreme heat can really be a minus for anyone. Bring light linen, short-sleeved tops and avoid the woolies. Now that we’ve identified when to go and what to wear, next on the list is where should we go visit?

Spanish heritage includes cultural events mostly celebrated year round. In January, Festividad in San Sebastian is celebrated when the whole town dress up in costumes and just go crazy. Carnaval is celebrated all throughout the country in late February, go to Sitges it goes really wild up there. March marks Las Fallas with all night dancing, drinking, fireworks displays and processions. Try to book a reservation in Seville if you intend to visit during Semana Santa, which is also perfect place to be come April to enjoy Feria de Abril which is a week-long party.

In July, The Running of the Bulls (Sanfermines) in Pamplona is unleashed. It is the most famous festival not only in Spain but around the world as well. Another famous event falls on the last Wednesday of August in a Valencian town of Bunol, where they celebrate the bounty of the tomato harvest, by filling up the streets with tomato! La Tomatina is an event that involves the throwing and sploshing of tomatoes everywhere and to anyone, unless they don’t do it to you first, that is, in a friendly riot. August also marks Semana Grande, which is simply a big party with a lot of drinking.

Spain hosts a lot of great parties and great food and usually they celebrate it with reason and tradition. So if you’re thinking of dropping-by make sure your pocket is as ready as your stomach. Ole!

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    If you are about to purchase a holiday home in Spain or sell up and buy another elsewhere can you wait until the New Year celebrations are over? It is likely that your vendor, if a non- resident, would be happy to wait a little too. And all because the…

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