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Alanya is not only heaven for your summer vacation with its natural beauty, long summer time, historical and cultural background, and sport, entertainment activities but also faster developing tourism centre with its accommodation and transportation facilities in Mediterranean Sea. The eight month between April and November is warm enough for tourists to feel the sunlight.

Alanya is a beautiful holiday centre of modern hotels and motels, numerous fish restaurants and cafes and bars. In the old town you find many old houses, towers and mosques, as well as a nice small harbour. But of course Alanya’s big attraction is its beaches, long swaths of sand to west and east. Beautiful sandy Cleopatra beach lies to the west of the resort while the fine sands of Alanya beach stretch to the east. If you like nightlife, it has a wide choice of night-spots located at the edge of town. Take a walk from lively bars to late-night discos.

Alanya VacationsAs it is mentioned, Alanya has many historical areas for the ones who like discovering new wonders. Alanya castle with its 83 towers and length of 6.5 km was constructed by the sultan of Seljuk Empire Alaaddin Keykubat. The surviving castle reflects the importance of the city in Seljuk times. Formed with red stones, Red Tower (Kızıl Kule) is the other ancient structure. You can also visit Seljuk shipyard, Alara castle, Hasbahce Koskü. Apart from these, Alanya has a famous cave named Damlatas. If you enjoy exploring you should visit the Damlatas Cave to see the eerie misshapen rock formations.
Its hotel facilities make you feel the comfort of your home. With its 5 stars Utopia World offers you that comfort. The hotel is decorated in the style of the historic glitter of the ancient city and is located in Kargicak, offering a number of facilities. Hotel Justiniano Sunrise Katya is able to entertain you thanks to its capacity of 182 rooms and 400 beds. Delphin De Luxe Resort settled in the middle of palm trees and a colourful garden. Delphin De Luxe will be your permanent address for the perfect high class holiday. The Sara Hotel is directly at the beautiful and historical Kleoptara beach in Alanya. To the city centre it is only a few minutes and to the airport Antalya 125 km.

In the end, the descriptions are not enough to understand Alanya. Alanya is a city should be visited when words can not tell you the legend of Alanya. You just not be satisfied with what you hear, go and tell it with your own words.

The Finest Beaches of Turkey, Turkey’s Best Beach Vacations

Whenever someone hears the word beaches, the first thing that comes to mind are the places like Hawaii, Florida, as well as the place of California. But what people don’t know is that there are still many places that offer pleasing and fantastic beaches. One of them is Turkey.

And so, to make you more familiar of the finest beaches of Turkey, take a look at this article. First in the list of Turkey’s finest beaches is the Patara Beach. Patara beach was declared as the best beach in the world according to the The Sunday Times. It is located in the Mediterranean and is also the longest beach there. What’s exquisite in Patara beach is that it is backed off by ancient marvelous ruins.


Alanya Turkey Beach

Next to Patara beach is the Oludeniz beach. It is probably the most famous beach in Turkey because a lot of people go here especially at peak seasons and times. This may be because it has a lot of good deals in accommodation, have great bars and hotels to go to. They also offer activities like the fantastic and adventurous scuba diving.

Olimpos is also one of the finest beaches of Turkey that you should check out. This is best for those people looking for a great, relaxing and romantic place to visit and have vacation. It is located in the back of a forest and also backed off by Roman ruins. It is quite smaller compared to the other two but it sure will capture your very heart. Read more